Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO Exhibition guide
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Exhibition Categories

Indicating Instruments
Ammeters, Voltmeters, Wattmeters, Frequency Meters, Power Factor Meters, AC-DC Transducers, Shunt and Multipliers, Instrument Transformers, Others

Electricity Meters
AC Watt-Hour Meters, DC Watt-Hour Meters, Remote Indicator Recorders, Accessories, Others

Electric Test and Measuring Equipment
Voltage, Current and Power Measuring and systems, Oscilloscopes, Audio/Video Test Equipments, Spectrum Analyzers, FFT Analyzers, Logic Analyzers and MDS, Semiconductor and IC Measuring Equipment, PC Board Test Systems, Component, Material Measuring Instruments, Transmission Characteristic Measuring Equipment, Network Analyzers, Radio Wave Measuring Equipment, Optical Measuring Instruments, Signal Generators and Oscillators, Recorders and Data Processing Equipment for Test and Measurement, Battery Measuring Instruments, Device and Materials Measuring Instruments, Learning Support System, Simulated Supply System, Production Inspection System, Other Electric Test and Measuring Equipment

Test and Measuring Instruments Applying
Electric Physical Quality Measuring Instruments, Electric Chemical Analyzing Test Instruments, Electric Sensation Level Test Instruments, Test and Measuring systems Applying Electronic Technology, Electronic Measuring Instruments for Medical Application

Resistance, Temperature Sensor, Thermocouple, On-site Temperature Measurement, Radiation Thermometer, Infrared Thermography

Environment Measuring Instruments
Air Measuring Instruments, Water Quality Measuring Instruments, Bad Odor Measuring Instruments, Sound Level Measuring Instruments, Vibration Level Measuring Instruments, Automotive Emission Analyzers, Others

Radiation Measuring Instruments
Radiation Measuring Instruments, Radiation Monitors, Measuring Instruments Utilizing Radiation, Radiation Measuring Apparatuses and the Others

Measuring and Control Instruments for FA
FA Systems (Multi-Layer Systems, Single-Layer Systems), Components for FA (Field Instruments, Control & Measurement Instruments, Others), System Engineering (Basic Design, Customizes Software, Others)

Process Measuring and Control Instruments
Transmitters [Detectors, Converters] and Transducers with Indicators (Thermometers, Flowmeters, Pressure Instruments, Level-Measuring Instruments, Process Analyzers, Other Instruments for Industrial Measurements), Receiving Instruments (Indicators and Recorders, Controllers, Auxiliary Instruments), Final Control Elements (Pneumatic Final Control Elements, Electric Final Control Elements, Others), Process Monitoring and Control Systems (Process Computer Control System, Digital Control Systems/Distributed Control Systems, Telemeter, Telecontrol Network, Multi-Point Monitoring and Control Systems, Control Systems for Special Use) , Instrumentation Panels and Auxiliary Equipment (Instrumentation Panels, Operator Consoles, Auxiliary Equipment and Instruments, Maintenance Instruments), System Engineering (Basic Design, Package Software, Customized Software, Others)

Measurement and Control Technology for Solutions
Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Robot Technology, Smart Grid, Fuel cell, Security, Network, Communications, Application Software, System Engineering, System Platform Products, SI, Explosion Proof Instruments, Others (Lease & Rental, Maintenance Support Service, Customized Solutions)

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