Advance Registration For Business Day

Advance registration for Business Day visitors

For admission to Business Day, "Business Day Registration Ticket" or "Business Day WEB ticket"* is required.
"Business Day Registration Ticket" is distributed by exhibitors. If you do not have a "Business Day Registration Ticket", you will be admitted only after your application for the profile screening approves you as a relevant attendee. Once admitted, you can make registration and "Business Day WEB Ticket" will be issued (Registration fee: 10,000 yen <plus 8% consumption tax>).
*One registration is only valid for a person who has made registration.

Business Day GOLD Pass

Business Day GOLD Pass allows Business Day visitors to make appointment with other visitors on top of exhibitors through the appointment system. It provides the better meeting area at Business Lounge as well.

Business Day Registration Ticket sample

1. Advance registration by Business Day Registration Ticket <Free>

「Business Day Registration Ticket is distributed by exhibitors. Please note that all attendees are required of advance registration.

2. Paid registration <10,000 yen (plus 8% consumption tax)>

If you don’t have Business Day Registration Ticket , you have to go through the paid registration.

3.[Limited offer]Business Day GOLD Pass

<If you already have Business Day ticket: :15,000 JPY plus 8% consumption tax>
<If you buy it together with Business Day GOLD Pass ticket:25,000 JPY plus 8% consumption tax>
Business Day Gold Pass is provided for visitors to make better meeting and networking in TGS. Business Day GOLD Pass allows Business Day visitors to make appointment with other visitors on top of exhibitors through the TGS Business Matching. The pass will make the full function of business matching system available for you.

Please note that the company or organization names of Business Day GOLD Pass holders might be listed on the panels of Business Meeting Area.


1.Use of Business lounge <Location: 2nd floor, International Conference Hall>

2.Reservation of Business Lounge through the TGS Business Matching System

3.Appointment with visitors on top of exhibitors

4.Interpretation service, English and Japanese(upon available basis)

5.Entitled to join the International Party on the night of September 13(Friday).

6.Special reception for GOLD Pass holders will guarantee speedy entry without standing in line . <Location: Hall 3 on 2nd floor of International Exhibition Hall and Business Meeting Area on 2nd floor of International Conference Hall>

Notice on registration

・Those who are NOT working for game industry (NOT working for game-related companies, game related works or distribution of games), or those who are less than 18 years of age or students, would NOT be allowed admission on Business Day.

・At the time of application, you are required to register information certifying that you are working for game business, such as your company name and address.

・According to the information you provided at the time of application, we'd carry out a screening of your qualification for Business Day admission. Depending on the result of the review, you may not be allowed admission. We appreciate your kind understanding.

・We don't accept a group application. An email address for registration should be visitor's own email address. If the email address you use for registration is already registered with us, you cannot complete advance registration.

・Registration is valid only for one person with a registered name. Business Day pass is NOT transferable. The name on the pass cannot be altered after issuance.

・Business Day pass is valid for two days both on September 12 and 13.

・Public Day admission tickets cannot be used for admission on Business Day.

・We accept paid registration until 23:59(JST), Sept.5(Thu.) Registration with Business Day Registration Ticket will be accepted until 23:59(JST), Sept.11(Wed.).

・For the paid registration, only credit card payment is accepted as a way of payment.

・Please note that the paid registration cannot be canceled by any means.

1.Business Day Registration Ticket Holders

※Application deadline: 23:59 on September 11th


2.Non Ticket Holders

※Application deadline :23:59 on September 5th

10,000 yen plus 8% consumption tax

3.Business Day GOLD Pass

Business Day Registration Ticket holders

15,000 yen plus 8% consumption tax

※Application deadline: 23:59 on September 11th [Limited offer]

Non ticket holders

25,000yen incl. tax

※Application deadline: 23:59 on September 5th [Limited offer]


For TGS2019 Business Day Visitors from North and Latin Americas.

We are pleased to inform you that we have a special partnership with Air Canada to offer discounted airfares for the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Business Day attendees and exhibitors from the regions. Air Canada is offering international visitors up to 12% discount for them to book and fly with Air Canada. Take advantage of this offer and book your tickets today by visiting the Air Canada website: and enter the promo code H3RWHDF1 when you book.

Promotion code: H3RWHDF1

Travel Validity : 4th September - 22nd September 2019

*For agencies booking for your partners: This is a web based program and the agency may use the Code (H3RWHDF1) to book on the Travel Agency web site: agents. GDS bookings do not apply to the discounts.