・What kind of event is it?

Every year, the big event of the game held at Makuhari Messe will be holding online. Information such as new titles and new services of game-related companies can be seen on TGS2020 ONLINE, as well as programs of exhibitors and organizers, e-Sports online competitions, etc. can be seen on TGS official channels such as YouTube (free).
For the first time ever, TGS will set up a special page on This special site will be available on live distributions contents provided by TGS2020 ONLINE as well. The site also offers to provide related products as a place for official merchandise sales, and will also set up a sponsoring company page unique to the Amazon Japan's special venue.
Amazon Japan TGS Special Site:

About the Event Period


TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 ONLINE will be taking place from September 23, 2020 (Wednesday) to September 27, 2020 (Sunday). During the exhibition period, TGS Business Matching System will be opened for people involved in the game business (a fee will be charged for non-exhibitors). Varios video programs from exhibitors and sponsors will be distributed for four days from September 24th (Thursday) to 27th (Sunday). Also, much of the content provided by TGS2020 ONLINE can be enjoyed at Amazon Japan's Special Site as well.

・Please tell about holding time of TGS2020 ONLINE.

TGS2020 ONLINE will be updated from time to time before the exhibition period on exhibitor's information. During the event from September 23 (Wednesday) to 27 (Sunday), TGS Business Matching (fee-charged except for exhibitors) for game business people is operating 24 hours a day. For official program and exhibitor's projects at TGS2020 ONLINE, please check the "Timetable" for the programs of exhibitors and organizers that will be distributed from September 24th (Thursday) to 27th (Sunday). Amazon Japan's Special Site will be open from September 24th (Thursday) 0:00 to 27th (Sunday) 23:59.

・Tell us about the browsing environment of TGS2020 ONLINE.

You can view TGS2020 ONLINE on a browser based PC, smartphone, or tablet. In order to use it comfortably, TGS2020 ONLINE recommend browsing with the following browsers. Please note that the site may not be displayed correctly if you are using from an environment other than the recommended environment.
* PC: Google Chrome, latest version of Microsoft Edge
〇 For smartphone users: Android/iOS smartphone standard browser
*Please contact the distributor of each browser for how to check and update the browser version.

How to watch the official program

・How to watch official programs

Official programs include "Official Exhibitor Program," where TGS2020 ONLINE exhibitors send out the latest information, as well as keynote speeches by the organizer, e-Sports competitions,and "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT(SOWN)", a presentation event for indie developers, and Japan Game Awards.announcement and award ceremonies.

・What kind of official programs are there?

For the list of TGS2020 ONLINE programs, you can also check it on the TGS2020 ONLINE "Timetable" and the timetable inside the Amazon Japan's Special Site.

・Please tell me how to watch the official streaming program.

The video platforms that can watch TGS2020 ONLINE official programs are YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, niconico, TikTok Live, Douyu (China), Bilibili (China), Douyin (China), and Amazon Japan's Special Site . Enjoy it on your favorite platform. However, some programs may not be available on some platforms.
Some programs will also be available in English and Chinese. If you have any problems viewing, please check the troubleshooting for each platform.

・Can I watch the official program after the delivery time? How long can I watch? Can you see it again and again?

Most programs will be archived on the TGS official channel of each platform even after distribution. You can view it as many times as you like for free. However, please note that some programs may have a limited archive period.

・I live in overseas, can I watch in the same environment as Japan?

Not all video distribution platforms are available in all countries.

・Do I need to pre-register or log in to watch official programs? Is there fee-charged?

No pre-registration or login required. Viewing the site and watching programs is free.

・I have a program with my favorite voice actor, so I want to make gifting money. Is it possible? Is there a charge?

TGS2020 ONLINE does NOT provide any online gifting function.

About Amazon Japan Special Site

・Please tell me where Amazon Japan's Special Site will be holding.

Amazon Japan's Special Site

Amazon Japan's Special Site

Opening Hours: Thursday, September 24, 0:00 to Sunday, September 27, 59:59.

・What kind of contents can you see at the Amazon Japan's Special Site?

Much of the content provided by TGS2020 ONLINE can be enjoyed at Amazon Japan's Special Site.
<Provided contents>
・Organizer's Program
・Official Exhibitor Program
・eSports competitions
・Merchandising sales of related products *Amazon Japan's Special Site original content
・Amazon Japan's Special Site Sponsor page *Amazon Japan's Special Site original content
・Announcement of "Japan Game Awards" ・Award ceremony
・Announcement of "Japan Game Awards" ・Award ceremony
・Indie developer's presentation event "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT"

About TGS2020 ONLINE Exhibitor

・I would like to know what companies are exhibiting.

You can check the latest list of exhibitors from "Exhibitors" on this site.

・I would like to know the information of TGS2020 ONLINE exhibitors and the contents of the distributed programs.

You can see the information of each exhibitor by selecting the exhibitor you are interested in on the page transitioned from "Exhibitors List" on this site.

・I would like to know the information of the exhibitors and the contents of the distributed programs.

If you wish to contact exhibitors for business purposes, please use TGS Business Matching System. Non-exhibitors can also participate with fee-charged. (see "About Business Matching System" below).

Licensing Goods and Merchandising Sales

・Do you sell goods that are unique to TGS2020 ONLINE?

Exhibitors in the "Merchandising Sales" category of TGS2020 ONLINE sell a wide variety of goods. You can check the exhibitors who sell products by searching for "Products" in "Exhibitors" on this site. You may also purchase part of exhibitors' goods at Amazon Japan's TGS special site. There are no official goods for TGS2020 ONLINE.

TGS Business Matching System

・Please advice me how to participate to TGS Business Matching System.

TGS2020 ONLINE has introduced a web-based Business Matching System that allows you to conduct online (web-based video) business meetings with the person who are intended to BtoB. Exhibitors and people involved in the game business who have purchased paid passes can be participated in the online business meeting. There are two types of paid passes that allow individuals to participate in online business meetings: GOLD Pass (participation fee: 27,500 yen, tax included/one account) and General Pass (participation registration fee 11,000 yen, tax included/one account). Gold Pass allows you to have business meetings not only with the exhibitor but also with other paid participants, and with the "General Pass" you can only have business meetings with the exhibitor. If you wish to participate, please apply from "Business Meeting" on this site.

Inquiries from TGS2020 ONLINE Visitors