TGS2021 ONLINE Outline

Official Exhibitor Programs : For Global Reach

Official Exhibitor Programs that exhibitors can be spreading information will be streaming online for 4 days.
It will be distributed globally with Japan, Europe, the United States, China and etc. on YouTube, Twitter, niconico, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Douyin, DouYu, blibli, and other leading video platforms in Japan and overseas.
In addition to the Japanese version (original version), the program will also be delivered in parallel with an English (Japanese) simultaneous interpretation version.

Finding More Game Enthusiasts Through Trial Play

In cooperation with the game platform online stores, TGS set a plan that allows game fans to play new games for free.
TGS will ask the exhibitors to prepare a trial version, etc., and guide them to the trial page of the store through TGS2021 ONLINE.

Expand Merchandising Sales In Collaboration with Amazon

TGS provides a menu this year that will allow exhibitors to sell goods through Amazon Special Venue.
The scheme will be boosting the excitement of game fans, such as selling products linked to the exhibitor's programs.

Create Business Opportunities Through Online Meetings and Business Seminar

This year, TGS provides business matching systems that allow exhibitors to conduct business negotiations through online.
Within the business matching system, TGS will deliver business webinars by the organizers and sponsors to support business meetings.
TGS also offers new business tips and solutions.

Wider Information On Exhibitors Through Trials and Exhibitions Area For Press and Influencers

Makuhari Messe is an offline venue where press and influencers (game commentators, streamers, game-loving talents, entertainers, etc.) can physically play games and interview so that the exhibitor's game titles, services, products, etc. can be disseminated more widely.
This offline trial play and exhibit area locate on adjacent with the official program distribution studio.
TGS will enable each exhibitor to widely deliver information to casual gamers of the game through the press and influencers, such as a plan that allows exhibitors to hold press conferences.

Special Experience To Gamers Through Online Experience Tour

In collaborations with HIS, TGS provides an online tour where game fans can join tour at Trial Play / Exhibition Area booths of each company and experience the heat inside the venue in a simulated manner.
Tours will be preparing for both Japan and overseas.
The tours create a special online experience, such as allowing game fans to communicate directly with game creators and voice actors. (Details/Pricing TBA)

Indie Game "Selected Exhibit"
Call For Entry

In the world of indie game developments, new game ideas are constantly emerging and breathing new life into the entire video game industry. At the TOKYO GAME SHOW, with the cooperation of supporting companies, the event will set up an indie game “Selected Exhibit" scheme where selected indies can exhibit for free in the “Indie Game“ category for the purpose of supporting indie game developers.

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