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ONLINE Online Exhibit

Online Exhibit

Closing Date for Online Exhibit Application: May 27 (Fri.), 2022

TGS2022 is looking for exhibitors from companies and organizations that aim to expand BtoB and BtoC information about games.
For "Online Exhibitors," each exhibitor can post information on the exhibitor introduction page on the WEB, provide free trial experience, and conduct online business meetings.

Exhibit Area

●General Exhibition
●Smartphone Game Area
●VR/AR Area
●e-Sports Area
●Game School Area
●Indie Game Area
●Merchandise Sales Area
●Business Solution Area
●New Stars Area (Asia/Eastern Europe/Latin)
●Business Meeting Area

Exhibit Fee JPY 275,000 (tax inclusive)

TGS2022 will introduce a business matching system that can be used free of charge by all exhibitors in order to support the enhancement of the game industry and business meeting. This system is a hybrid system that allows you to make appointments for both real and online business meetings. 
The business matching system is scheduled to start operating on August 5 (Fri.), and business meetings can be set up from September 15 (Thu.) to September 18 (Sun.).