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K1 Keynote Speech

Special Site in Exhibition Hall
11/18 (Wed.) 11:00-12:30

The high accuracy measurement of the Greenhouse gases from space by "IBUKI" and international cooperation in the data utilization

Masakatsu Nakajima

Acting Project Manager

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Space Applications Mission Directorate GOSAT Project Team

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K2 Special Keynote Speech

Conference Tower Reception Hall
11/18 (Wed.) 14:30-16:00

R&D Strategy and Strategic Technology Roadmap
~Toward Open Innovation~

Kenichi Fukuda

Director for R&D Policy Planning, Research and Development Division,
Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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K3 SICE Conference

Special Site in Exhibition Hall
11/19 (Thu.) 11:00-12:45

International Standardization in Innovation Age

Strategic actions and recent trend in international standardization

Masakuni Inoue

Director, Standardization office for Informantion Technology and Electrotechnology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

International Standardization Activities Contributing to Business

Shigenori Yagi

Fellow, Corporate Research and Development, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Council Board Member, International Electrotechnical Commission

A role of Academic Society as SICE in an activity of International Standardization

Seiichi Shin

Chair of the SICE International Standardization Committee

Professor, Department of System Engineering,
University of Electro-Communications

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K4 Keynote Speech

Conference Tower Reception Hall
11/19 (Thu.) 13:30-15:00

Outlook for Measurement and Control Technology in the New Energy Era

The Next Generation Production System and Instrumentation Control Technology in Chemical Industry

Dr. Toshiaki Ito

Leading and Adopting Innovation

Hideaki Miura

Senior General Manager, Engineering Division
Managing Director and CIO,

JGC Corporation

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K5 Keynote Speech

Special Site in Exhibition Hall
11/20 (Fri.) 11:00-12:30

Rethinking Excess Design and Over quality

Tetsuo Yoshimoto

Faculty of Business Administration,
Ritsumeikan University

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