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Measurement and Control: Creating the Future of the Earth

<Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO> will mark the 33rd since its start in 1955. Measurement and control equipment has a very important role as they serve as 'mother' tools that support technological innovation in manufacturing. Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Association (JEMIMA) and Nikkei Business Publications will jointly organize <Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO>, the largest of the kind in Japan, to offer a forum for further market expansion and technological innovation.

The main theme of the year is "Measurement and Control: Creating the Future of the Earth". For visitors' convenience, the venue is divided into five different zones, namely, 'Electric, Electronics, Communications and Related Products/Services', 'Control (PA/FA)', 'Environment Analysis and Energy', 'Sensors and Field Equipment' and 'JEMIMA Committee and Related Organizations'. There will also be a new section, 'Special Exhibition', where measurement and control technologies that particularly contribute to environmental protection will be presented.

Furthermore, a variety of helpful seminars and programs--keynote speech, lectures and presentations, specialized conferences, and tutorial and technical sessions--will wait for visitors of all kinds of industries and technologies.

We look forward to your visit.

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