Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO Exhibition guide

Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO

The measurement and control equipment work is the key role as "Mother tool of industry" on the innovation of research, development, design, and manufacturing of all industries. As this market association, Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JEMIMA) and Nikkei Business Publications , Inc. will held the biggest domestically event "Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO" on November 2009.
Since its first exhibition in 1955, " Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO" will be the 33rd event. It has grown up consistently as a special exhibition in which a cutting-edge technology and products of measurement and control technology meet under the one roof.

Measurement and Control show 2009 TOKYO focus on environment and future protection, by making "3 Special Corner" to be exhibited related environment measuring tools. These are "Saving Energy and Power" , "Clean Energy" , "Waste Heat". with this corner, as heretofore, the exhibition site will be consisted the five zones by product categories, "Electric, Electronics, Communication measurement and related products/services", "Control (Process Automation and Factory Automation)", "Environment analysis/Energy inspections", "Sensors and Field instruments", and "JEMIMA committee and related Organizations".

Moreover, we make it to an attractive event for all visitors by no-missing for gathering the information of measurement technologies by a variety of plans such as a keynote speech, special conference, tutorials, and the JEMIMA committee seminars.

It is possible to use it for the people of the enterprise and the group with a related product to say nothing of the people of the member enterprise as a place for the place where the product and the solution appeal and marketing.

It would be greatly appreciated if the examination of the exhibition could be gotten by all means.

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