Measurement and Control Show 2009 TOKYO Exhibition guide

Diversified Seminars

Keynote speech/Special conferences/Tutorials
Measurement and Control show 2009 TOKYO promote for the wide range visitors by helding attractive seminars.

Keynote Speech: We will invite the authority of the various circles by the theme that stares at the problem of manufacturing.

Special conference: It introduces the latest technological trend from the measurement and the control to applied field.

Seminar imgTutorial: The session that newly brushes up the basic knowledge of the measurement and the control is done. To acquire the knowledge systematically arranged for the person who starts in the measurement and the control business, it becomes it.

Projects to be Concurrently Held

Organizers planning corner /JEMIMA committee seminar (schedule)
Organizers planning corner imgA technological outlet from state-of-the-art like the related group, research laboratories, and the university, etc. to the base is installed. The chance to search for the directionality of near future is clarified. Moreover, we will held the seminar that the JEMIMA committee sponsors at the same time. Information with especially high noteworthy level is offered from the average of the theme progressed through the JEMIMA committee activity.

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