Regarding the press registration after deadline of registration

We closed pre-registration for Tokyo Game show 2008 on Friday, September 19.

We accept coverage application limited to journalist at Press counter on that day.
Please bring document and Press Registration Form below to Press Counter(2F Central Mall,Exhibition Hall 5 , 6 Entrance In Makuhari Messe). We confirm your content of document, and will issue the Press pass when you are judged as journalist. We need detail of article/name of program/summary of media content and schedule of update website for Issue of press pass. Congestion is expected, we may keep you waiting. Please understand in advance.

To qualify for credentials, you must bring:

(1)one of the following documents
*recently published articles/programs(article published within 1-2month)
*media (such as magazines) or colophon of media that includes your name
*web page that the coverage is scheduled to be published

(2)Employee ID and driver's license Passport etc. Document to prove your identities.

(3)two or more business cards, which includes such information as your company name and logo
*we will not issue Press pass with only name card.

We might refuse issue of Press pass, in the case of we judge not suitable for purpose of coverage by (1) and (2).

Registration Criteria

Press members who are able to register or to cover the show are limited to those who are listed below. We ask your kind understanding in this matter.

Print Media, Newswire, & Online Media :

  • Reporter
  • Editor
  • Editorial Writer
  • Correspondent
  • Photographer

Broadcast (TV, Radio) :

  • Reporter
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Camera or Sound Crew

Online media must be commercial news websites updated regularly. Fan sites, personal web site writers, designers, editors or creators cannot be registered as press members.

Freelance journalists must submit a letter of assignment from the appropriate media.

Advertisement agencies, PR companies, and Sales reps for media outlets are not eligible to register as press members.

TGS2008 Onsite Registration Form

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