Asia Game Business Summit
This is an international conference that is focused on the expansion of the game business, primarily in Asia, and is held concurrently with the Tokyo Game Show 2011. The top management of major game companies in Asia will come together at the conference to participate in a panel discussion on the issues affecting the game business and future directions to be taken.
Organizer: Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association ApplicationForm
Schedule September 15(Thu.) 13:30-15:00
Venue Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall 8 Event Stage
Target Audience Executives, project managers and developers in the game business and other computer entertainment businesses; distributors; and other people associated with the game business
Registration Fee Free
Panelist and companies represented (planned)
Chien Tunghai
Vice President, Shanda Games Limited
South Korea
Rim Chong Kyoon(Albert Rim)
President, NEXON MOBILE Corporation
Aaron Hsu
Chairman, XPEC Entertainment Inc.
Haruhiro Tsujimoto
President & COO, CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Naoya Tsurumi
Managing Director, Sega International
Moderator: Naoki Asami, Group Publisher, Business Group, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

[Main Theme]

The portable device segment is an area where we can conduct business on an equal footing in the Asian market. A wide variety of portable devices such as feature phones, smartphones, tablets, portable game devices and e-book readers are competing desperately to acquire more users. Not only content such as games, videos and music, but also social networking services (SNSs) and various other applications are being offered for these hardware devices, which are expanding dramatically at a worldwide level. The panelists will look to the future of the chaotic portable device and game industries.

Discussion content (planned)

1.Market environment of portable devices in different countries

The trend in the portable device market in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan will be outlined.

2.Smartphone and tablet game business

The smartphone game business is in full swing. Not only download sales, but also business schemes such as in-app billing and other new services are evolving. How is the smartphone business being monetized? The latest status of the business will be discussed.

3.Portable game device market

Demands and trends in the portable game device market in different countries and regions will be discussed.

4.Impact of social games

SNSs have become a major player as a game platform. There have been changes in business models of games and approaches to acquiring a new user base. The future of social games will be discussed.

  • "Asia Game Business Summit" is open to those who have not been admitted to the Tokyo Game Show 2011.
  • Plese bring the completed application form and your business card with you to Asia Game Business Summit Counter of Hall 8 in Makuhari Messe at September 15.
  • You will not be able to enter the Tokyo Game Show venue just by applying for this summit; a Business Day admission ticket is also required.
  • Please note that the panelist, dicussion content, companies represented, and timeframe are subject to change.
  • English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be offered at the venue.