Asia Game Business Summit


Sudden Rise of the Game Market in Asia ― Exploring Its Full View

The game market all over the world is about to enter an era of significant change. Platforms (hardware) with which people can enjoy games have become so diverse. Not only the appearance of new household game hardware but also the increasing popularity of smartphones/tablets, down-to-earth PC on-line games and the new cloud games are contributing to this diversity. The use of platforms has become broader and games that are distributed through the network increased and as the result of this, the number of users playing those games increased beyond national borders. Especially, Asia is attracting attention as an area where increase of new users is prominent. There are 2 distinct areas within Asia. One is an area where game industry existed from some time ago and game machines for household use are already widely enjoyed by the people, like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The other is an area where the market is rapidly expanding around smartphones and PC online, like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Game companies representing each area will get together to understand the present situation and problems of each other’s market and discuss what is necessary to take the next leap forward.

Theme of the Discussion

1. Major topics of the year 2012 - 2013 in the game industry of each country

Major topics in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand will be reported and analyzed.

2. Actual achievement through collaboration among countries and areas

Report on the actual achievement through collaboration in surrounding countries and areas. The background and assignments/problems of the collaboration work will be discussed.

3. What is necessary in building a new collaborative relationship?

Discussion will be held on what is necessary in building a new collaborative relationship with surrounding countries and areas to expand each other’s market in the future.

Panelist and companies represented


Shin Unozawa
Chairman, Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association


Aaron Hsu
Chairman, XPEC Entertainment Inc.


Ujin Chung
executive director of business center, NHN Entertainment


Dien Wong
CEO, Altermyth


Ganesan Velayathan
CEO, Fun & Cool Ventures


Chanvit Vitayasamrit
CEO, Milk Studio

Naoki Asami,Managing Director,Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

  • "Asia Game Business Summit" is open to those who have not been admitted to the Tokyo Game Show 2013.
  • Plese bring the completed application form and your business card with you to Asia Game Business Summit Counter of Hall 8 in Makuhari Messe at September 19.
  • Admission to the Tokyo Game Show exhibition hall is limited to individuals who have registered in advance and passed screening (advance registration: \5,000; tax included) and individuals with “Business Day Registration Tickets” (free of charge; advance registration required). Advance registration for the Asia Game Business Summit (free of charge) alone will not provide admission to the TGS exhibition hall.
  • Please note that the panelist, dicussion content, companies represented, and timeframe are subject to change.
  • English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be offered at the venue.

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