The first visit to TGS -Pubic Day Version-

The first visit to TGS

-Pubic Day Version-

  • The picture shown here are from TGS2012. Please look at them for your reference.

Points to check before the previous day of the Public Days

Do you know that there is a bargain ticket that you can buy until the previous day of the Public Day?

There are different kinds of ticket for getting into TGS2013. One is "DAY TICKET" which you can buy at the venue (children in the junior high school and above - 1,200JPY) . Another is the "ADVANCE TICKET"(children in the junior high school and above - 1,000JPY). There is also a "TGS2013 Supporters Club Ticket" which is a limited ticket with special benefits (3,000 JPY).


ADVANCE TICKET (1,000 JPY / over junior high school age)


DAY TICKET (1,200 JPY / over junior high school age)

ADVANCE TICKET are being sold now until September 20 (one day before the Public Day). You can purchase them at major ticket agencies, convenience stores all over Japan and at some game shops and multi-purpose cafes.
"TGS2013 Supporters Club Tickets" which is sold for visitors from abroad are SOLD OUT.

Also, if you are taking part in "THE IDOLM@STER 8th ANNIVERSARY HOP!STEP!!FESTIV@L!!!@MAKUHARI", you can also get a ticket for TGS2013. (Seat reservation ticket - 8500 JPY <including tax>+TGS2013 admission ticket - 1000 JPY<including tax>).

"DAY TICKET" will be sold in time with the first train that leaves from JR Keiyo Line, Kaihin Makuhari station. Staying overnight at the venue is strictly prohibited. Anyone who could not follow this rule will not be admitted into TGS2013.

If you are a press person planning to do some press activities at the venue, have you finished your pre-registration?

We recommend any press person planning to do some press activities on the Public Days to pre-register from the website. However, it is also possible to do some press activities upon application at the venue on that day. Please fill in the necessary information in the "Press Activity Application Form" and hand in 2 name cards, some certificate with a photo such as a company employee certificate or a driver's license, a copy of or the actual latest signed article, editing staff column with your name, URL of the medium, at the Press Reception Counter.

If you want to do some press activities for several days, please exchange your used Press Badge with the Press Badge of the day. At that time, please show us a certificate with a photo for identification. Your Press Badge cannot be given to or used by any other person except yourself.

Have you reserved your hotel?

Hotels around Makuhari Messe, which is the site for TGS2013, will be difficult to reserve at the last minute or on that day during TGS2013.

Stations with easy access to Makuhari Messe are JR Keiyo Line, Kaihin Makuhari station, which is the closest station, and JR Sobu Line, Makuhari Hongo station where bus services are available to the site. It is also possible to use hotels along those railroad lines.

There are also official tours.

Have you checked the contents of the exhibitors?

The latest information on the contents and the events in each booth can be obtained from the official website or the website of the relevant exhibitor. In the official website, floor map and the contents of each exhibitor will be announced just before the Show.

Also, on the top page of the official website, news of the media partners and the exhibitors will be delivered automatically. This allows you to check any information beforehand.

The official account of TGS2013 for social networking service is shown below:

You can also get new information from these services. Please be our follower.

Did you check the precautions of Cosplay Area and those when dressing up in costumes for cosplay?

To take part in cosplay, it is not necessary to file an application beforehand. However, there are some restrictions on the costume you can wear inside TGS2013 and props you can use. Please check the prohibited matters written in the "To Cosplayers" of the official website.

From this year, the dressing room for cosplay is located in Hall 9. Please check the location of the dressing room.

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