Business Day 2015.9.17[Thu]-18[Fri] Public Day 2015.9.19[Sat]-20[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe


Business Day 2015.9.17[Thu]-18[Fri] Public Day 2015.9.19[Sat]-20[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe

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Frog Climbers

Sebastian Larsson / TeamCrew  Sweden〔Sweden〕

Frog Climbers is a chaotic climbing game for up to two players. In Frog Climbers, you and a friend play as professional rock climber frogs, intent on reaching the top of a high mountain in order to gain rock climber glory. There's only room for one frog at the top though, so it's a race to the summit using whatever means necessary in order to become the top frog climber. Players control their avatar by using two joysticks, one joystick for each frog arm. The arms extend in whatever direction the corresponding stick is pushed in. By holding a joystick button, the corresponding hand will grab. When the player grabs a grip, they can push downwards on the stick they are grabbing with to heave themselves upwards. Then, they can use the other arm to reach for a new grip, and thus the cycle of climb continues. Players can also grab each other, literally using their opponent as a ladderstep on their way to the top. Frog Climbers has been designed to encourage this player interaction as much as possible, and the final result is a chaotic partygame that usually leaves both players shouting as they try to beat each other in very close matches.

Frog Climbers

1: What's your background in making games?
We are five first year game design students attending Campus Gotland, at the University of Uppsala. Before university we have all worked individually on smaller personal projects to build knowledge. Frog Climbers is our first collective project.
2: How much time did you spend working on the game?
We spent a total of two months creating the current version.
3: How did you come up with the concept?
We were brainstorming, trying to think of unique ways to control games. At the time we were having a lot of fun with Bennet Foddy's GIRP. In it, you control a climber trying to scale a mountain. We found this a lot of fun but wanted to make the climbing more intuitive, as well as allowing players to play together. Add frogs to the mix, and Frog Climbers was born!
4: What development tools did you use?
We use Unity as our engine, Visual Studio for coding and Photoshop for creating graphics. We also utilized management tools such as Scrum to organize our workflow and make sure everyone always had something to do.
5: What is your goal as a game developer?
To create fun and inspiring experiences and not burn out!
6: Please write a message to future SOWN attendees regarding your expectation and feeling about being selected to be a finalist.
It is a great surprise and pleasure to be selected for SOWN! We are travelling all the way from Sweden to attend the event, so it is an adventure in a lot of ways. We wish future SOWN attendees the best of luck! :)

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