Business Day 2015.9.17[Thu]-18[Fri] Public Day 2015.9.19[Sat]-20[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe


Business Day 2015.9.17[Thu]-18[Fri] Public Day 2015.9.19[Sat]-20[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe

TGS Forum 2015

Application deadline for Asia Game Business Summit is September 16th.

  • ※When a number of applications come to the limit, application will be closed before September 16th
  • ※There will be no on-site application in case that advance application reaches the limit.
Asia Game Business Summit 2015

September 17th (Thu) Asia Game Business Summit 2015Interpretation AvailableFree

Free Advance registration required
  • ※Entry to the Tokyo Game Show Exhibition Hall is limited to those who have registered in advance (advance registration fee: ¥5,000, tax included) or those in possession of a "Business Day Registration Ticket" (free, advance registration required). Individuals that have only registered to the keynote (free) will not be allowed access to the exhibition hall.

Taking Another Crack at the Chinese Market

Location: Event Stage, Exhibition Hall 1 Numerous Japanese gaming companies have attempted to enter the Chinese market in anticipation of an expansion of the gaming market there. However, there are almost no companies that have enjoyed blockbuster success. The reasons vary, from differences in corporate cultures, market needs and systems to political issues. Left in the wake has been a vague impression of the difficulty of succeeding in China. However, gradual changes in circumstances have started taking place since the latter half of 2014. New dimensions, including liberalization of the market for home-use video game consoles and rise of Chinese- and foreign-made smartphone games, have begun appearing in the Chinese gaming business. Speaking at the panel discussion will be representatives of Japanese firms that are strengthening their advances into the Chinese Gaming Market, and representatives of Chinese gaming firms, who see differences with their Japanese counterparts in the way they do business. What is required to crack the Chinese gaming market? From this perspective, the panelists will explore the circumstances and issues contained in each other’s markets and seek to identify what is required for taking the next step.
  • [Japan] Keiji Honda, Director, Square Enix
  • [Japan] Ren Yi, CEO, DeNA China
  • [China] Tunghai Chien, President, Shanda Games
  • [China] Yunfan Zhang, COO, Perfect World
       Sharry Sun, Director, Global BD, Perfect World

Special guest:
 Akinori Nakamura, Professor, Ritsumeikan University, College of Image Arts and Science

Moderator: Hideo Shinada, Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Entertainment, Nikkei Business Publications


  • ※"Asia Game Business Summit" is open to those who have not been admitted to the Tokyo Game Show 2015.
  • ※Plese bring the completed application form and your business card with you to Asia Game Business Summit Counter of Hall 8 in Makuhari Messe at September 17.
  • ※Admission to the Tokyo Game Show exhibition hall is limited to individuals who have registered in advance and passed screening (advance registration: \5,000; tax included) and individuals with “Business Day Registration Tickets” (free of charge; advance registration required). Advance registration for the Asia Game Business Summit (free of charge) alone will not provide admission to the TGS exhibition hall.
  • ※Please note that the panelist, dicussion content, companies represented, and timeframe are subject to change.
  • ※English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be offered at the venue.