How to participate



Deadline for booth applications June 13 (Friday), 2008
Selection meetings for booth positions July 2 (Wednesday), 2008 <exhibitors with 40 booths or more>
July 11 (Friday), 2008 <exhibitors with 39 booths or less >

The selection meetings will be held in Tokyo. It is possible to authorize the show organizer to select booth locations when it is not possible to attend the selection meetings.

Explanatory meeting for exhibitors July 11 (Friday), 2008

The explanatory meeting will be held in Tokyo ,The show organizer can send the Exhibitors Manual in case it is not possible to attend the meeting.

Start of installation at
Makuhari Messe
October 7 (Tuesday), 2008
Exhibition dates October 9 (Thursday) and October 10 (Friday): business days
October 11 (Saturday) and October 12 (Sunday): open to the public

Application Form

For details...

Please contact the TOKYO GAME SHOW Overseas Management Office.

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