Floor map/Exhibition Areas

Floor Map

Exhibition Areas

General Exhibition Area

General Exhibition Area for digital gaming entertainment.
The area introduces digital entertainment-related products/services.

Merchandise Sales Area

The area is an exclusive corner for merchandising of game-related goods.

Game School Area

Vocational game schools introduce their projects for future creators.

Family Corner

Area for family-oriented game software and related products.

Mobile & Social Game Area  NEW

Games for smart phones such as iPhone and Android, cellular phones, and various tablet devices are unveiled in this area.

Gaming PC & Network Game Area  NEW

Ultra-high-performance gaming PCs and PC components will be displayed in this corner. The area covers everything from browser games to full-scale 3D graphics games, on a PC gaming platform.

Gaming Device Area  NEW

The area covers gaming devices such as headphones, gaming controllers, gaming furnitures, and other gaming devices associated with home-use gaming consoles and portable gaming devices.

Business Solution Area

BtoB exhibition area for gaming business solutions.

Cloud/Data Center Pavilion  NEW

The pavilion for cloud/data center solutions to support the infrastructure environment of social games and network games. The pavilion will be located in the Business Solution Area.