Requests and Notices

  • Queuing overnight for entry into the TOKYO GAME SHOW is strictly prohibited.
  • To avoid mishaps, please do not run in the exhibition hall. Those whose actions are considered dangerous, an annoyance to other visitors, or a hindrance to the smooth operation of the event may not be allowed to enter the venue or may be asked to leave the venue by the Management Office.
  • Beware of heat stroke. The chance of sweating by hectic conditions has also increased at inside or outside of the venue. To prevent heat stroke, take drinking fluids and salt regularly throughout the day.
  • TURN OFF WiFi/Mobile Routers at the Venue
    If you bring wireless LAN devices such as WiMAX, PHS mobile routers, PLEASE TURN OFF the devices at the venue. With significant number of the devices are running, the exhibition hall will be vulnerable to interference for trial game play, gaming data transfers. For visitors, there are three complimentary Wi-Fi spots are available in the Makuhari Messe 2nd Floor Consourse(near an escalator). Thank you for your cooperations.
  • Visitors' baggage inspections will be conducted on the Public Days (September 17 and 18). For details, see the notices listed below.
  • Contents and schedule of exhibits and events are subject to change at the organizer's discretion.
  • Please note that the admission gates close at 16:00 on the Public Days (September 17 and 18).
  • Admission may be restricted depending on the size of the crowd at the venue.
  • There are special gates for the disabled who need assistance. Please ask the staff for information.
  • Baby strollers and pets (except for guide dogs and service dogs) are not permitted.
  • Children younger than the school age should be accompanied by their parents or guardians.
  • Visitors with children younger than the school age may use the special gates leading to the family corner.
  • All visitors are required to follow the instructions given by the staff; otherwise, they may be asked to leave. Moreover, the organizer does not assume any responsibility for accidents that may occur owing to a failure to follow the instructions and notices.
  • The organizer does not assume any responsibility for lost items, etc.
  • Paging services are not available at the venue.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the facility, except at specifically designated areas.
  • Eating and drinking is allowed only at designated corners.
  • Photography may not be allowed at certain exhibits.
  • Cosplayers must follow the rules specified by the event organizer. [To Cosplayers
  • If you wish to try certain games, you need to present a document that verifies your age (driver's license, passport, or student ID card, etc.).
    Your age will be checked at each booth. Please follow the booth staff's instructions when you play.
  • Please note that there will be video shootings and photo takings by reporters or the Management Office at the venue; visitors' images might appear on the television, newspapers, magazines, or websites, etc.

Baggage Inspection on Public Days

At the Tokyo Game Show 2011, for the purpose of protecting the visitors' security, baggage inspections will be conducted on both the Public Days (September 17, Saturday, and September 18, Sunday). We will set up baggage inspection booths along the paths leading to the admission gates.
There are items that are strictly prohibited at the venue (see below). Keep your baggage as compact as possible so that the inspections will proceed smoothly. It is expected that those visitors with large amounts of baggage will have longer inspections (for example, those who plan to cosplay). Please arrive early to allow enough of time for this. In addition, with regard to pet bottles, we might check the contents inside.
We request for your understanding and cooperation to ensure the safe management of the venue.

Location of baggage inspection booths

Exhibition hall
1st floor: General public entrance (near the Welcome Gate)
2nd floor: Near the East, West, and Central Entrances

List of prohibited items

There are items that are strictly prohibited at the venue. If the items you carry are not allowed inside, either leave them at the baggage inspection booth or store them in the temporary-built coin lockers.

Prohibited items

  • Long items, with an overall length of 50 cm or more (regardless of the material)
    Umbrellas, canes, rackets, and other similar items brought in for cosplay are subject to this regulation (extendable items whose maximum length is over 50 cm are not allowed).
    Costumes and accessories, including helmets and armors, are also subject to this regulation. Attachments, such as horns and shoulder pads, with a length of 50 cm or more are not allowed.
  • Arms and weapons such as guns, swords, bows and arrows, and chains
    Model guns; air guns; knives; items with sharp edges such as ice picks, awls, and needles; and pairs of scissors are not permitted. Pointed attachments on costumes, such as helmets and armors, are also not allowed.
  • Toxic substances, drugs, and other harmful substances
  • Combustible and highly inflammable items such as fuels, warning flares, fireworks, gunpowder, and a large number of lighters or matchboxes
  • A hammer or screwdriver that could be used as a weapon
  • Liquor
  • Pets and other animals (except for guide dogs and service dogs)
  • Items that could inflict injury or damage on a person or property
    Bicycles; roller skates; skateboards; and items such as yo-yos, balls, and disks that can be thrown around are not permitted.
  • Other items that the staff consider dangerous.
Detailed information will be updated on this page as it becomes available.