To Cosplayers

Those who plan to cosplay at the Tokyo Game Show are required to read and follow the rules and regulations listed below. If you have any questions, contact the dedicated changing room staff.


The following costumes are not permitted. If any rules are found to be violated, the relevant cosplayers may be asked to stop the cosplay.

  • Costumes of professionals with special responsibilities
    Uniforms of policemen, firemen, SDF officials and security guards, as well as doctor's coats, nurse's uniforms, etc. are prohibited.
  • Skimpy costumes
    Regardless of gender, costumes with exposed breasts, waists, and other parts of the body are not permitted. When wearing a skimpy costume, wear underwear, tights, spats, etc. to avoid exposing too much skin.
  • Costumes that are disturbing to others
    Costumes in the form of Nazi military uniforms or those that depict terrorism, have blood or tattoos on them, etc. are disallowed. In addition, costumes that remind people of certain individuals or evoke racial discrimination are prohibited.
  • Costumes that are a nuisance to others
    Large size full-body suits, papier-mâché costumes, and long skirts or mantles that are dragged on the floor, etc. are not permitted.

In addition to following the above rules and regulations, cosplayers must accept full responsibility when they cosplay. The organizers and the venue do not assume responsibility or liability for any loss or damage due to the contents or elements of cosplay.

  • Furthermore, if complaints are received about your cosplay, we may demand that you stop cosplaying.

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Cosplay props

The following items are prohibited

  • Long items, with an overall length of 50 cm or more (regardless of the material)
    Umbrellas, canes, rackets, and other similar items brought in for cosplay are subject to this regulation (extendable items whose maximum length is over 50 cm are not allowed). Even if the length is less than 50 cm, do not swing such items around. The use of fresh vegetables and other food items is not allowed. Costumes and accessories, including helmets and armors, are also subject to this regulation. Attachments, such as horns and shoulder pads with a length of 50 cm or more are not permitted.
  • Arms and weapons such as guns, swords, and chains
    Model guns, air guns, items with sharp edges, and swords and chains are prohibited. Pointed attachments on costumes, such as helmets and armors, are also not permitted. Imitations made of soft materials are allowed; however, such items should not be swung around or pointed at others. Be careful and pay attention to everyone around you as you move.
  • Items that could inflict injury or damage on persons or property
    Do not bring in roller skates, skateboards, or items that can be thrown around (such as yo-yos, balls, and disks).
  • Liquor, fuels, chemicals, and noisy items
    The use of combustible and highly inflammable materials and items that emit strong odors is prohibited. Drinking and smoking are not permitted at the venue. Activities that could harm other visitors owing to loud noises, such as the use of radio cassette players, loudspeakers, or musical instruments, as well as loud singing in groups are not allowed. Furthermore, it is prohibited to carry food around (including fresh vegetables) to avoid staining the facility and others' costumes, etc.
  • Other items that the staff might consider dangerous will not be permitted.

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Notice to cosplay participants

Use of changing room (Hall 9)

Changing room usage fee: JPY 500 (cloak fee included)

  • Changing is allowed in designated cosplay changing rooms at Hall 9 only. Changing in a restroom or at another location is strictly forbidden. Use of hair sprays or color splays in the facility (including changing rooms) is also prohibited.
  • Eating, drinking, resting, and photography/videography in the changing rooms are prohibited. If you find a secret camera or other suspicious objects in the changing rooms, notify the staff immediately.
  • Please note that the men's changing room may be temporarily used as a "women's changing room" for a certain time depending on the situation.
  • Your luggage can be kept in the cloakroom; however, we request you to carry all of your valuables on you at all times. The organizer does not assume any responsibility for theft or damage. All unattended items in the exhibition halls will be considered lost property.
  • Please cooperate when the staff checks your costumes at the exits of the changing rooms. If your cosplay props are in violation of the rules, they may ask you to leave the props with them.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the designated usage time. Changing rooms will be crowded around closing time. Please cooperate by changing in advance and be sure to go through the reception to the changing rooms by 16:00.
  • Coming into or leaving the venue wearing your cosplay costume is prohibited.
  • Sewing-set rental services are available. If you need this, please contact the dedicated changing room staff.

Cosplay Dressing Room Opens from Early Morning!

The cosplay dressing room in Hall 9 will be open for a limited time (from the first morning train departure from Kaihin-Makuhari Station until 8 a.m. (tentative)) for cosplayers who queue for admission from early morning. By changing into their costumes early, cosplayers will be able to enjoy TGS at a leisurely pace.
The dressing room will be open for early morning use from the time the first train departs until 8 a.m.. Cosplayers who arrive after 8 a.m. cannot enter the room.
Those who arrive after 8 a.m. will be asked to queue for general admission.

  • Please go to the dressing room after the entrance opens. Those who enter the dressing room before 8 a.m. will be asked to move to the end of the queue for general admission as soon as they finish their costume changes.
    If your costume change isn't finished by 8 a.m., please continue changing in the room. But remember to leave the dressing room immediately when you are done. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Notice concerning the use of the venue

  • Activities such as running around, making noise, or flashy attractions and performances that are a nuisance to others are prohibited.
  • When you move around the exhibition halls, be sure not to obstruct the exhibit booths and other visitors.
  • Sitting or chatting in groups at the venue is also prohibited.

Photography and recording video

  • Registration for photography is not required.
  • Photography is allowed only at designated area which is located at inside and outside of Hall 9, and the parking area on the south(ocean side) part of the outside of Hall 4 through 6. Photography in the changing rooms, around the cloakrooms, the exhibit booth areas, and on crowded hallways is prohibited.
  • When taking photos, be sure to obtain permission from the target individuals. In addition, to avoid including unrelated persons in the picture, take photos at such as background wall.
  • Certain shooting equipment that is judged by the staff to be bothersome to other visitors will be prohibited.
  • Recording video is strictly prohibited.
  • Photos taken at the venue are not permitted to be submitted or sold to publication companies, etc.
  • Photography for the purpose of profit making is strictly prohibited.
  • If you wish to post the image on a personal website, be sure to obtain approvals from the relevant individuals.

Furthermore, if complaints are received or if other issues arise, we might demand that you stop cosplaying. We welcome many visitors around the world to this event. Please cooperate by observing the rules and regulations so that all visitors can enjoy the event

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