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Floor Map

Floor Map

Exhibition Areas

General Exhibition Area

General Exhibition Area on digital gaming entertainment. The area introduces digital entertainment-related products/services.

Smartphone Game & Social Game Area

Focusing on games for smart devices (smartphones, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and various tablets) and social games for PCs or mobiles.

Cloud Gaming Area NEW

Cloud computing-based games which attract attention in 2013. This area showcases the game titles that can be distributed via networks regardless of game consoles.

Game Device Area

The area covers gaming devices such as headphones, gaming controllers, gaming furnitures, and other gaming devices associated with home-use gaming consoles and portable gaming devices.

Game School Area

Vocational space for game schools introducing their projects. The area is for future creators.

Cyber Games Asia Area NEW

This area exhibits PC games, PCs, and parts, etc. in the vicinity of the site of the international e-sports competition focusing on computer games, “Cyber Games Asia.” Here, you can see the feverish excitement in the e-sports competition.

Romance Simulation Gaming Area NEW

A dedicated area for woman users where you can find Romance Simulation games. Related goods would be available here too.

Indie Game Area NEW

This area showcases totally original indie games of all platforms. Will new ideas be born from here?

Merchandise Sales Area

The area is an exclusive corner for merchandising of game-related goods.

Smartphone Accessory Collection 2013 NEW

Smartphone Accessary Collection 2013 is the merchandising area that covers wide variety of smartphone and tablet accessaries to make more fun to use or to customize of mobile devices. It is fun to see. Stop by this area!

Business Solution Area

BtoB exhibition area for gaming business solutions.

  • Some exibitors show Business Day only.

Cloud/Data Center Pavilion

The pavilion for solutions of the cloud / data center to support infrastructure environment of a social game and the network game. The pavilion will be located in Business Solution Area.

  • Some exibitors show Business Day only.

Asia New Stars Area

This is the exhibition area targeting emerging Asian companies. The concept is to introduce local "new stellar companies," such as promising game venture companies and tool development companies, to game industry in Japan and the rest of the world.

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Exhibition Area (Public Day Only)

Family Area

Area for family-oriented game software and related products. The area is located at 9th hall.

  • Admissions for Family Area are allowed only for primary school age or younger and their parents.

Cosplay Area NEW

The area has been upgraded year by year to provide cosplayers with ever more fun. Here, there's also an exhibition area and a shopping corner of cosplay related goods. The area is located at 9th hall.

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Exhibition Area (Business Day Only)

Buisiness Start-up Area NEW

The area is the exhibition for game-related start-up companies established since January 2011.

Buisiness Meeting Area

This is the meeting space that allows for meaningful business talk in a low-key setting during Business Day. In addition to traditional single-room-type booth and 2-room-type, a basic table with lower fees is now available. Also, interpretation services and complimentary soft drink services will be planned to offer.

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