Business Day 2014.9.18[Thu]-19[Fri] Public Day 2014.9.20[Sat]-21[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe


Business Day 2014.9.18[Thu]-19[Fri] Public Day 2014.9.20[Sat]-21[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe

Tickets(Public Day)

Admission Fees

Adults: Advance Ticket: JPY 1,000 ( per day
※Public Day Online Tickets will be available until September19 24:00 (JST)
On the Day Ticket: JPY 1,200 ( per day
※Tickets are available at the DAY TICKET boxes on site.
Buy Ticket
Children: Elementary school age and under: free of charge
TGS2014 Supporters Club Ticket
(Advance Sales Only)
Ticket sold in advance only: JPY3,000 (
[Comes with special benefits (goods & priority entrance)]
Buy Ticket for 20thsold out Buy Ticket for 21stsold out ※TGS2014 Supporters Club Ticket is a limited offer.
Sales of the ticket shall be closed, as soon as reaching its limit number.
Special Discount Ticket for handicapped person and senior citizens JPY 100 yen (
※Individuals with disability certificates, wounded soldier certificates, or atomic-bomb survivor certificates
※One caregiver discount ticket available as necessary
※Individuals age 70 or older

TGS2014 Supporters Club Ticket


Special Goods 1: TGS Original T-shirt

All the ticket holders can gets TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB original designed T-shirt!

Pick your size at the purchase of ticket. (size=S, M, L, XL)
Size (length, width) *unit: cm
S (65, 47.5), M (68, 50), L (71, 52.5), XL (74, 55)

Special Goods 2: Original Pin Badge

All the ticket holders can get TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB original designed badge!

Priority Entrance

All the ticket holders may enter at Priority Entrance.

Those who have the "TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket" will enter either Hall 1 or Hall 9.

Priority Entrance wating line starts at the time of the first train at JR Kaihin Makuhari Station. Please follow a guideboard at Makuhari Messe and event staff's instruction to get on the line of exclusive entrance.

You may enter the venue from Hall 1 as well as from Hall 9, but until 10:30, you will not be able to go back and forth between Hall 1-8 and Hall 9.

All the SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket holders must go through the baggage check point prior to go to the SUPPORTERS CLUB counter. Please be noted that the wating line for the CLUB is different from the wating line for general admission.

The priority admission wating zone for people with "TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket" will be removed after certain designated time by the Management Office. After it has been removed, please enter in the same way as the people with genneral admission tickets.

You can receive the special items (T-shirt, badge) at the Information couner at Hall 5, 2F Concourse, only on the effective date of the ticket.

Although the doors open at 10 a.m., people with special type of ticket such as the "TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket", may be allowed to enter earlier.


*Special Goods(T-shirt, Pin Badge) will be exchanged with exchange ticket at the entrance.

*For receiving special Goods, you will need to have the ticket even students under primary school age (except infants).

*T-shirt color and design are different for each event date 20th and 21st.

*No exchange or refund of T-shirt and Badge. Please review your size selection before submit an order.

*Priority Entrance is only available for valid ticket. The Saturday ticket cannot be used on the Sunday. The Sunday ticket cannot be used on the Saturday. Please confirm the valid date on your ticket.

*Please make sure your ticket has a barcode printed clearly and do not make a fold or mess on barcode. It may cause a problem with scanning the barcode smoothly.

*Valid for ONE day only.

*No refunds or exchanges are available.