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Presentation Outline

125 submissions from 23 countries and regions! and 9 titles are nominated.

September 19(Fri) 14:00~16:30
Hall 8, Event Stage, Makuhari Messe (tentative)
Please show your business day badge at the entrance.
  • ※Seats will be available with first come first serve basis on the day.
  • ※On September 19(Fri.) 14:00 pm-16:30 pm, The SOWN presentation will be covered(live) on streaming video.

Presentation Movie (Archive)


Chu-Ta in Wonder Cave
Hiroyuki Nakamoto
Project Chu-Ta
〔Japan〕 Chu-Ta in Wonder Cave
【Gaming Concept and Outline】
We developed an interface in the form of a soft stuffed animal. It is possible to measure pressure with its internal sensor. By wrapping the sensor in a rubbery material, a soft feeling was created. We developed “Chuta and Mysterious Cave” that use that soft feeling. Players take on the role of the mouse named Chuta, who has been asked to bring an old man to a village. They operate the interface, run through the mysterious cave, and avoid obstacles while bringing the old man to the mouse’s village.
Boggs Joshua
Loveshack Entertainment
〔Australia〕 Framed
【Gaming Concept and Outline】
Framed' is a narrative-puzzle game, presented as an animated graphic novel. As each scene in the story unfolds, players can rearrange the panels on each page, changing the outcome of the narrative. This results in a unique interactive narrative where each action is framed by the last, and the player's imagination carries the story between each panel.
Kenta Hamaguchi & OECU Takami-Lab
〔Japan〕 Kapolachica-san
【Gaming Concept and Outline】
This is an attempt to integrate musical performances with a game. Our intention is to express the enjoyment of playing various musical instruments, the happiness of producing sounds, the pleasure of playing in ensembles, and the delight of becoming proficient. The musical scales of the various sounds produced by musical instruments are detected in real time, chords are also detected, and those results are used to control the game screen. Essentially, musical instruments for performing songs serve as the game controller, and the game screen flows along enjoyably and pleasantly like a song.
Funktronic Labs
〔Japan〕 Kyoto
best arts award 【Gaming Concept and Outline】
Spiral into audioreactive obscurity as you are transported to a mysterious and melancholy land. Kyoto is a short, interactive ambient puzzle game that serves as an homage to the magical city of Kyoto, Japan.
Lost Toys
Danielle Marie Swank
Barking Mouse Studio
〔USA〕 Lost Toys
best game design award 【Gaming Concept and Outline】
Lost Toys is a 3d puzzle game for introverts where it’s your job to fix the broken and jumbled toys around you. With a beautiful soundtrack and a diverse set of artistic influences from Rene Magritte’s The Treachery of Images to Margery Williams’ The Veleteen Rabbit, Lost Toys is a game that encourages introspection.
Mario.von Rickenbach
〔Switzerland〕 Mirage
Best Exdiverimental Game Award 【Gaming Concept and Outline】
Mirage is an explorative game about a hungry top hat who explores his surreal surroundings. By grabbing feet, eyes and other body parts along the way, the top hat learns to see, hear and feel the world through his own senses. And most importantly, the growing creature learns to eat popcorn. This tasteful sensory experience is currently in development for digital devices.
Museum of Simulation Technology
Albert Bor Hung Shih
〔USA〕 Museum of Simulation Technology
Audience Award Best Technological Game Award 【Gaming Concept and Outline】
What if you could use forced perspective to your advantage? Manipulate size and space with your perspective while you traverse the landscape of a mysterious museum. In this peculiar puzzle game, the only thing you can expect is to think outside the box.
Sdivace Qube
Owen Wu
Qubit Games
〔Taiwan〕 Sdivace Qube
【Gaming Concept and Outline】
Space Qube is a voxel based retro shooting game with an in-game editor which allows the players to create anything they can image and use it to play game. The players can also share the creations via various social networking platforms and 3D print out their creations with just one tap. In Space Qube, every player can create their own unique space ship to play the game and every player created spaceship wouldn't be the same. The player created space ship is not only different on appearance but also on attributes. The less voxels the players use to build the space ship, the faster but weaker the space ship will be and vice versa. So every player can build the space ship which is best fit to the player. 3D printing is another amazing feature of Space Qube, the players can send their creation to print out without exiting the game and the printed model will deliver to the players directly.
〔Japan〕 TSURI
Best divresentation Award 【Gaming Concept and Outline】
This is an innovative fishing game in which the less often you start up the application, the bigger fish you catch. How long can you wait without starting up the application? This is the point of the game.

So, shut down the application and enjoy your own time. Please forget about the application if you can.

Initial screening nominates

安本 匡佑
Chrono Disfunglement
Gabriel Tay
DigiPen Institute of Technology (DigiPen Team Wakka9)
Muhammad A.Moniem Helmy
斉藤 大地
MURA Interactive LLC
Keith Maue Tallon
DigiPen Institute of Technology (DigiPen Team Neat Snake)
Fromage à Trois
UCLA Game Lab
Future Unfolding
Spaces of play
Gravity Ghost
Erin Robinson
Ivy Games
jack in the beanstalk
土田 正成
石川 晃
Geert Nellen
Digital Dreams
MirroMoon EP
Joshua Birse
Current Circus
Fernando Ramallo
Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga
perfect Stride
Russell Dominic George
Arcane Kids
pohung Chen
Digipen Institute of Technology (Digipen Team Widdershins)
Robert Yang
Charlie Kim Ngo
Digipen Institute of Technology
Save the Date
Chris John Cornell
paper Dino Software
Vested Interest
Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's party
Dajana Dimovska
KnapNok Games
That Dragon, Cancer
Ryan Green
Ryan Green and Josh Larson
Andreas Zecher
Made by pixelate
Mimicry Games
三木 康暉
Worm Run
Michael Christatos
Golden Ruby Games
佐野 勝哉