sense of wonder night

Cooperation by:International Game Developers Association Japan Chapter(IDGA Japan)


How to apply(Entry is Closed)

Deadline Friday, June 10 ‹Japan time› 2016
Application Method Please apply via web application form
Qualification Open to all individuals regardless of nationality, age, or occupation (students, game producers, etc.) and to all corporate bodies
Results Entries selected by the Screening Committe and deemed presentable at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016 (up to 8 entries) will be regarded as the final SOWN 2016 presentation games. The nominated applicants will be directly contacted by the Management Office by mid-August 2016.
Inquiries SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2016 Secretariat :​​ (Only e-mail enquiries will be accepted)

Please Download the Entry Sheet and send to us.​

Application Deadline:July 6(Mon)

Entry is Closed