Indie Game Area

Location: Hall 9-11

This is the exhibition area for indie game developers and original games on every platform.

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  • TYPE A Special Booth


  • Indie Game Area

This type gives game developers the opportunity to exhibit games at no exhibition fee with the objective of creating new movements in the computer entertainment industry.

  • Business Day + Public Day
  • 4-Day Exhibit
  • FREE

TYPE A Special Booth exhibitors will be selected after screening.
Please refer to here for details of special booth equipment.

Group or Organization that can be exhibited

For annual sales of organizations that attempt to exhibit:

Corporate :
Annual Sales with USD500,000/JPY50 Million or less
Individual :
Annual Sales with USD100,000/JPY10 Million or less

For companies or organizations that try to exhibit at Indie Game Area, the exhibitors must be financially independent.

(For example, the capital of major game company is not in.)

What can be exhibited

A completely original game (Derivative content cannot be exhibited regardless of whether or not it is licensed.)
Created for a platform for which an applicant has the right to develop.
Works that comply with the CESA Code of Ethics and the CERO Code of Ethics and do not fall under any of the following items:

An expression that conflicts with or that may conflict with Attached Table 3 "Prohibited Words and Phrases" of the CERO Code of Ethics is included.
Works for which an "Z" rating category was assigned by CERO or an expression equivalent to the"Z" rating category may beincluded.
Works that have already been released overseas and for which a "17+" (MATURE) rating category was assigned by an overseas examination body (e.g. ESRB).
Works planned to be released overseas for which a "17+" (MATURE) rating category is expected to be assigned by an overseas examination body (e.g., ESRB) (excessively bloody works that cannot be regarded as being equivalent to a "13+" (TEEN) rating category.
Application Deadline :
June 9, 2017(Japan time)
Screening :
Exhibitors will be decided through screening by Management Office
Result :
Only applicants who passed the screening will be directly contacted by Management Office during early to mid-July, 2017.
Contact :
  • TYPE B Special Booth


  • Indie Game Area
  • Business Day + Public Day
  • 4-Day Exhibit
  • 248,400 yen

Refer to “Guide for Package Booth” brochure for the booth details.
No screening with TYPE B, applications will be accepted as long as they come by the deadline.
Type B is only available to the corporations.
Maximum 1 booth per company.

Application Deadline :
June 2, 2017(Japan time)
Contact :
インディーゲームコーナー インディーゲームコーナー