Beware of heat exhaustion

Severely warm condition is possibly expected in and around the venue. Be sure to keep hydrated and replenish electrolytes (salt) as the crowded conditions both within and outside the exhibition halls can make you prone to excessive sweating.

Prohibited Activities

・Queuing all night for TOKYO GAME SHOW entry is strictly prohibited.

NEWTo prevent accidents, please refrain from running at the exhibition halls. Visitors may be refused entry or ordered to leave from TOKYO GAME SHOW by the Management Office if he/she commit an act likely to be dangerous or disruptive to other visitors or deem to interfere the event operation.

・When watching stage performances at exhibitor booths, cheering, shouting out, call-and-response, jumping and other such fan behavior are prohibited.

・Please note that a live performance itself may be terminated in the event that such prohibited behaviors take place.

・There are some booths that restrict or prohibit shooting and upload of photographs and video. Please follow the instructions of the booth attendant.

Inside exhibition halls 1 - 11, please turn off mobile routers and turn off the Wi-Fi functions on smartphones and handheld game consoles. Due to increased use of the mobile devices at the venue, the connecting condition in the exhibition halls have been worse year by year. There is a limit to the amount of wireless LAN signals and too many devices with wireless LAN may cause harms on the demonstrations and trial game-playing at the venue. If you would like to use wireless LAN, please use Wi-Fi hotspot on Central Mall and Esplanade.

・Entry on Business Day on Sep. 20th and 21st is limited to the people working in the game industry. Please finish advance registration before the event.

・The content and schedule of exhibits and events are subject to change without notice.

・There is a special gate available for the disabled who require assistance. Please inquire with any attendant.

・Please follow the instructions of the attendants at the venue. You may be asked to leave if you do not comply. The organizer will not assume any responsibility for accidents, etc., that may occur in the case that instructions and precautionary notices are not complied with.

・The organizer will not assume any responsibility for theft and other property loss.

・The organizer will not comply with any paging requests.

・Smoking is prohibited at the venue except at specially designated areas.

・There is to be no eating or drinking except at the Food Court.

・Please note that videotaping and photo-taking will be taking place at the venue by the mass media and Management Office. Please be forewarned that your likeness may appear on television, newspapers, magazines, on websites, etc.

・Visitors are strictly prohibited from bringing specified items to the venue (see the list below).

List of Prohibited Items

・Long items with an overall length of 50 cm or more (regardless of material)

*Umbrella on a rainy day is permitted

・The above includes umbrellas, canes, rackets and the like that are brought in for cosplay reasons (extendable items with a maximum extended length of more than 50 cm are also prohibited). Costumes, including helmets and armors, are also subject to this restriction. Decorative items such as horns and shoulder pads exceeding 50 cm in length are also prohibited.

・Weapons and arms, such as guns, swords, bows and arrows, and chains

・Model guns and air guns; knives; sharp pointed objects such as icepicks, awls and needles; scissors, etc. Pointed decorations on the helmets, armor, etc., of costumes, are also subject to this restriction.

・Toxic substances, drugs and other harmful substances

・Combustible materials and highly flammable items such as fuels, flares, fireworks, gunpowder and large amounts of lighters and matches

・Hammers, screwdrivers and other items that could be used as a weapon

・Alcoholic liquors

・Pets, animals and the like (with the exception of guide dogs and service dogs)

・Items that could cause harm to others

・Bicycles, roller skates and skateboards

・Yoyos, balls, discs and other items that can be thrown around

・Other items that attendants deem dangerous

*Details will be updated as needed on this website