Indie Game Area

This area gives game developers the opportunity to exhibit games for every platform for the objective of generating new trends in the computer entertainment industry.

When you exhibit in Indie Game Area, select a type of booth among three, Selection Booth (free), Package Booth and Turnkey Booth. Selection Booth is free to exhibit supported by sponsor companies. You need to apply Selection Booth in April when application starts. Only applicants who pass the screening will be entitled to exhibit at Selection Booth. As for Package Booth and Turkey Booth, any exhibitors who meet the criteria described below can exhibit.

About the link with Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN)

About the link with Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN)

Selection Booths in Indie Game Area are linked with SOWN.

SOWN is the idea contest which awards excellent games among Selection Booth exhibitors. Nominated exhibitors are entitled to present their games on the large stage. Refer to the page
for the details of SOWN.

To be SOWN finalist you need to pass the screening of Selection Booth application. SOWN finalists will be decided out of Selection Booth exhibitors.