Tickets (advance registration for Business Days)

Business Days Tickets (September 20(Thu.) and 21(Fri.))

Business Days Admissions: Invitation only (Individuals with a Complimentary Business Day Registration Ticket are admitted free.) ※In case you have not a Complimentary Business Day Registration Ticket, advance registration is necessary. (Advance registration fee: JPY5,000)

Admission on Business Days(September 20(Thu) through 21(Fri) )is only restrict to those people working in the game industry. For those registered in advance with full screening and payments and those who have "Business Days Registration Ticket"(free) with pre-registration are only able to enter the venue on Business Day.
※Students, persons other than the game business and persons under the age of 18 will be refused to entry.
※A ticket for admission on one of the Public Days(Advanced Ticket: 1,000 yen) cannot be used for entry on a Business Day.
※For those who have "Business Days Registration Ticket" that is distributed by exhibitor as their invitations, must access to following button to register in advance.

Registration Procedure for Business Days Admissions.

Admission Fee and Effective Days on Business Days

Business Day admission is effective for two day from September 20 through 21.

1.Individuals with a complimentary Business Day Registration Ticket are admitted free.
*Advance registration is required.
*Business Days Registration Ticket is distributed by exhibitors as their invitations.
*The deadline of advance registration by Business Days Registration Ticket is September 19(Wed.) 24:00 (Japan Standard Time).

2.The fee for all others is JPY5,000 (tax included).
*The deadline for advance registration is September 13 (Thu.) 24:00 (Japan Standard Time).
*Tickets can only be purchased by credit cards.

3.For Media.

*Students, individuals not working in the game industry, and persons under the age of 18 will be refused entry.
*Tickets for admission to one of the Public Days (JPY 1,000 in advance) cannot be used for entry on a Business Day.
*Based on an advance screening, there may be occasions when you are unable to apply.
*Reception counter will open 8:00a.m.(September 20&21)
Opening time will be 10:00a.m.
*Before entering the venue, you will need to present:

1. A printout of the email showing that you have completed the advance registration
2. Your passport or some other identification with your photograph on it or your staff identity card (if you do not have a staff identity card, then some other document that proves you work at the company)

You will also need to submit:
3. Two business cards
If you forget the above items, you may be refused entry on the day.
Please note that, if it is found you have made a false application, you will be refused entry, and any paid admission fees will not be refunded.


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