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Floor Map

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Exhibition Areas

General Exhibition Area

General Exhibition Area on digital gaming entertainment. The area introduces digital entertainment-related products/services.

Merchandise Sales Area

The area is an exclusive corner for merchandising of game-related goods.

Game School Area

Vocational game schools introduce their projects for a future creator.

Family Corner

Area for family-oriented game software and related products.

Smartphone Game & Social Game Area  NEW

Focusing on games for smart devices (smartphones, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and various tablets) and social games for PCs or mobiles.

PC Game Area  NEW

PC Game Area covers the world of online PC games. Check it out and experience the impressive images of PC games.

Game Device Area  

The area covers gaming devices such as headphones, gaming controllers, gaming furnitures, and other gaming devices associated with home-use gaming consoles and portable gaming devices.

Asia New Stars Area  NEW

This exhibition area is targeting to introduce emerging game developer from Asia.

Business Solution Area

BtoB exhibition area for gaming business solutions.

Cloud/Data Center Pavilion  

The pavilion for solutions of the cloud / data center to support infrastructure environment of a social game and the network game. The pavilion will be located in Business Solution Area.

Business Meeting Area  NEW

This area provides full function of business meeting with a quiet atmosphere.


  • CESA
  • 日経BP社
  • An 0fficial event of CoFesta