Business Day 2014.9.18[Thu]-19[Fri] Public Day 2014.9.20[Sat]-21[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe


Business Day 2014.9.18[Thu]-19[Fri] Public Day 2014.9.20[Sat]-21[Sun] @ Makuhari Messe

TGS Forum 2014

  • ※When a number of applications come to the limit, application will be closed before September 17th
  • ※There will be no on-site application in case that advance application reaches the limit.

September 19th (Friday) Expert Session ‹No Interpretation available›

Fee(includes tax): ¥8,000 for one session (advance purchase), ¥10,000 (day of event)includes Business Day Preregistration Application Ticket※
Fee(includes tax): ¥8,000 for one session (advance purchase), ¥10,000 (day of event)includes Business Day Preregistration Application Ticket※
Application Benefits
Individuals who have applied for the expert session will receive a "Day Registration Application Ticket" free of charge which allows access to the exhibition hall on Business Day.
  • ※Individuals under the age of 18, students, and nonbusiness-related individuals are not allowed entry during Business Day (September 18–19). Also, please note that refunds will not be issued even in cases where entry is denied.
  • ※Schedule, topics, participating companies and speakers are subject to change without prior notice.
A) Smartphone Game Session
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Developing Game Applications That Excel Internationally

International Conference Hall, 2F : 201 conference room
Japanese game apps for smartphone and tablet are gaining influence in the global marketplace. In the North American market, titles from Japanese companies have come to be ranked alongside those from internationally successful developers such as Supercell and King. They have similarly emerged as a strong presence in Asia as well. To be sure, the hurdles to releasing an application to the global market have lowered, but by no means does this make the road from promotion to adoption a smooth one. Now, we will search the keys to success while following the footsteps of Japanese companies who are currently achieving it.
■ Group Talk and Discussion Panel
Eiji Araki, Vice President at GREE
Kazuaki Baba, Executive Director at NHN PlayArt
Ken Edahiro, CEO at King Japan
Moderator: Akihide Segawa, Deputy Editor at Nikkei Business (Nikkei Business Publications)
B) Game Platform Session
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Xbox One's New Groundbreaking Entertainment

International Conference Hall, 3F : 301 conference room
The Xbox One, Microsoft Japan's new stationary game console to be released on September 4 in Japan. In addition to keeping the same lineup of classic titles that appealed to fans with previous incarnations of the hardware, the company is also focusing on indie games and apps in a move to enhance the unique value of Xbox One units destined for Japanese users. Indie games undertaken by the developer of "Samurai Defender," a smartphone game with over a million and a half downloads worldwide. Apps linked to the "U.M.U AWARD," an annual festival where the top local idols are chosen and which is sponsored by major entertainment production company HoriPro. We will put the spotlight on the appeal of these cutting-edge forms of entertainment and discuss the possibility of market expansion.
■ Group Talk and Discussion Panel
Naoyuki Isogai
Xbox Category Marketing Group Director at Microsoft Japan
Akihiro Tashiro
Interactive Entertainment Business Developer Ecosystem Group Senior Manager at Microsoft Japan
Keiji Takeuchi
President and Representative Director at Link Kit
Masashi Wada
Director at Link Kit
Kenji Goto
Director at D-topia
Keiichi Soda
General Manager, Digital Business Division at D-topia
Moderator: Tetsuro Ito, Reporter at Nikkei Entertainment! (Nikkei Business Publications)
C) Game Business Session
 ‹No Interpretation available›

Designing a Strategy That Makes the Best Use of Game IP
~Learning from and "Youkai Watch"~

International Conference Hall, 2F : 201 conference room
Home game consoles, handheld game consoles, game apps for smartphones and tablets, online browser games, cloud-based games... With gaming platforms approaching an unparalleled level of diversity, establishing robust IP founded on games that make the best use of all of them while determining the feasibility of that IP's cross-media expansion into areas such as television anime, comics, and toys has become one of the steps leading to success in the game industry. To that end, we will hear from DMM Games representative Kenichi Katagishi of (which has been flooded with attention as the platform for the online game "Kantai Collection") and Akihiro Hino (president of Level-5, the company that spawned the massive hit "Youkai Watch") as they speak in depth about their strategies for expanding the game business from the platform side and the software developer side, respectively.
■ Group Talk
Katagishi Kenichi, Representative at DMM Games
TOJO Hiroshi, General Manager Online-Game Dept. Director
Akihiro Hino, President, CEO, and Representative Director at Level-5
Moderator: Furuhata Junpei, Deputy Editor at Nikkei Digital Marketing (Nikkei Business Publications)
D) Game Technology Session
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The takeoff of VR! ~Games enter a new stage~

International Conference Hall, 3F : 301 conference room
Virtual reality technology utilizing immersive head-mounted displays (HMD) is gaining hot attention in the game industry. When US company Oculus VR presented an opportunity with their Oculus Rift device, it immediately created a boom. In conjunction with this, advances are being made in the research and development of user interfaces (UI), an essential component of VR games. We have therefore asked key people in the industry here to comment on both the latest trends in VR games as well as new UI technology.
■ Group Talk and Discussion Panel
Yoshihito Kondo, President and Representative Director at XVI
Intel (Speaker TBA)
Takafumi Yamazoe, Research & Development Center, Service Innovation Division, The First Service Development at NTT Docomo
Moderator: Tadashi Nezu, Reporter at Nikkei Electronics (Nikkei Business Publications)
  • ※Admission on Business Days is restricted to individual working in the game industry.
  • ※Only those who have registered in advance and have completed full screening and payments, as well as individuals who have a Business Day Registration Ticket and have pre-registered will be admitted to the venue on Business Days.
  • ※Students,individuals not working in the game industry, and persons under the age of 18 will be refused entry.
  • ※Schedule, content, speakers are subject to change without prior notice.
  • ※Please note that TGS Forum vouchers, Business Day Registration Tickets can not be reissued.
  • ※Cancellations are not accepted for all sessions.
  • ※Identification and business card screening will take place at the reception of Expert Sessions.