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[beyond] Provides the best game infrastructure

With the slogan "Everything about the server is completely thrown", we provide services specializing in cloud / server technology, boasting a track record of 1,000 companies / 10,000 units, as a black child in the game and application industry.

beyond Co., Ltd. has been participating in the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) since 2015, and this will be the 9th consecutive year.

During the two days of TGS2023 Business Day (September 21st and 22nd), we offer cloud/server construction and operation services (MSP), load testing, super-discount CDN, server for teaser site, free security diagnosis, server-side API development service, etc. Introducing.

Please feel free to stop by our booth!

■ beyond Co., Ltd. main services to be exhibited at TGS2023

● Cloud/server construction and operation (MSP)

● Load test "Fukamil"

● Security diagnosis service "Quick Scanner"

● WordPress cloud server "Web Speed"


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