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MBA International Co., Ltd.
At the indie game corner of "Tokyo Game Show 2023" to be held from September 22th to September 24th, 2023.
will release "Bug! Ban! Break!"The axis of this work is the rhythm game part.It is a 4-sided tap rhythm game that divides the entire screen into 4 parts.It is a format where you tap the notes coming from the outside toward the central square at the timing when they come to the central judgment line.
The range that can be tapped is the entire screen divided into 4 parts.
Please play by trial and error to find the position that is easy for you to tap according to the notes.

■Game information
Compatible models: iOS Android
Genre: 4-sided tap rhythm game
Players: 1
Development: MBA International Co., Ltd.
Official SNS : twitter @BugBanBreak_O


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