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Acquire Tokyo Game Show 2023 Exhibit Information!

Twin-stick shooter "XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2" and dungeon crawl "Ancient Weapon Holly" will be available for testing. In addition, a movie of an unannounced title scheduled for release in 2024 will be shown!

In addition to the twin-stick shooter "XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2", visitors will be able to try out the dungeon crawl "Ancient Weapon Holly" before anyone else. Of course, original novelty goods will be given away after the test play!

In addition, visitors to the booth will receive a free download card containing the Acquire TGS2023 Title Booklet and Steam Keys for the demo versions of "XALADIA" and "Holly".

An advance PV of Aquire's completely new title scheduled for release in 2024 will be shown at the event.
Please visit the Acquire booth at 09-E76 in Halls 9-11 on the day of the event.


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