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Reviving the Classics with Modern Controllers: Wingman PS2 Adapter Wins 2023 Reddot Award and Introduces Limited-Edition Models

Professional gaming peripheral brand Brook announces the celebration of its Wingman PS2 vintage adapter being recognized as the 2023 reddot Award Winner. To mark this achievement, they are introducing two commemorative models – the "International Limited-Edition Starry Blue" and "Japan Limited-Edition Transparent." The Wingman PS2 adapter allows gamers to freely use their preferred modern controllers to relive classic PS2 gaming experiences. Since its launch, it has undergone 3 firmware updates, adding support for over 10 different controllers, while maintaining the highest compatibility standards. Garnering a 4.6-star rating and Amazon Choice recognition, it has received widespread acclaim on Amazon. The Wingman PS2 converter is now available, including the standard edition, as well as the "International Limited-Edition Starry Blue" and "Japan Limited-Edition Transparent" commemorative versions, all priced at USD $40.

Retaining Crucial Memory Card Features for a True Retro Gaming Experience
The core value of the Wingman PS2 adapter lies in providing gamers with exceptional freedom. It not only supports both wired and wireless controllers simultaneously, allowing players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences but also faithfully restores the exclusive "Pressure Sensitive Buttons" functionality of PS2 and PS3. This means that in classic games like "Grand Theft Auto," "MLB The Show," or "Gran Turismo," players can once again savor the splendid control of the exclusive DualShock 3. Furthermore, the Wingman PS2 adapter draws design inspiration from the PS2 memory card, integrating a sleek design with indicator lights and buttons. This not only maintains a consistent style when connected to the console but also ensures the proper functionality of memory cards, truly showcasing Brook's unwavering commitment to addressing gamers' needs and actively fulfilling them.

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