TGS Forum2012 / Asia Game Business Summit 2012

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Location: Event Stage in Hall 8, Makuhari Messe

September 20 (Thursday) 10:30 A.M.-11:55 A.M.

[Part 1]10:30 A.M.-11:10 A.M.

What Japan’s Game Industry Needs: The Outlook for the New Era of Game Business

As game platforms continue to expand, the accompanying expansion of the customer base means that companies are forced to change the nature of everything involved, from content and services to business models. In the future, will this flow spread out chaotically, or will it converge in an orderly fashion? Changes that appear on the surface to be disconnected actually have a significant rule as their undercurrent. We would like to look for hints to help in our search for what our aim should be in the future.

Shin Unozawa, Chairman

Shin Unozawa
Chairman,Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association

Mr. Unozawa joined Bandai in 1981. After assignments in model, video software, and game software business, he was appointed to his current position as Executive Vice President & Representative Director of NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. He also serves as President and CEO of BNDeNA Inc. In May 2012, Mr. Unozawa was named Chairman of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association.

Interviewer: Hideo Shinada, Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Entertainment!

[Part 2]11:15 A.M.-11:55 A.M.

「Social Game Evolutions - Ripple Effect from Smart Device」(tentative)

The possibilities of social gaming continue to expand amid increasing penetration globally of sophisticated, high-speed Internet-capable smart devices. Advancing smartphone and tablet technology has triggered increased demand for games emphasizing gameplay, alongside existing social games that have centered on communication through social features. This speech will consider the path of evolution that lies ahead for the rapidly changing gaming sector.

Yoshikazu Tanaka

Yoshikazu Tanaka
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,GREE

Yoshikazu Tanaka founded GREE in December 2004, and serves as the company's founder and chief executive officer. Before founding GREE, he previously worked at So-net Entertainment Corporation and Rakuten, Inc. While at Rakuten, Inc., he started developing SNS GREE in his spare time. This project became GREE. Tanaka earned a bachelor's degree in Law from Nihon University in 1999.

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