ビジネスデイ:2015.9.17(Thu)-18(Fri) 一般公開:2015.9.19(Sat)-20(Sun) 会場:幕張メッセ


ビジネスデイ2015.9.17(Thu)-18(Fri) 一般公開2015.9.19(Sat)-20(Sun) 会場:幕張メッセ

sence of wonder night




Lucien (Yen-Chu) Chen  台湾〔台湾〕

1: What's your background in making games?
I learned to paint since I was 5, and I knew that I wanted to work as an artist in entertainment industry. After being exposed to a wide range of games including some games with amazing CG animation (in the period of time), such as FF8, FF10, FF12, and The Legend of Dragoon, I started to think “Maybe I can work at game industry, because they need CG animation and I want to do it.” I then decided to study game art by enrolling the first college in Taiwan that provided Multimedia and Game science courses. Working for few years after college, I started thinking I want to do more than just the art part in game, so I went to Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to learn game design and completed my master's in 2014.
2: How much time did you spend working on the game?
Most part of this project was done right after I graduated from CMU, and it took me approximately 6 months to work on it in total. Because I have to work full-time, currently I spend around 10 hours a week on this project.
3: How did you come up with the concept?
I like to discover creativity and any form of arts because of my art background. Back to 2012, I went to see a modern art exhibition in Taiwan, and there was a 3D painting in one session which caught my eye immediately, with thinking it would be cool if that image can be real in life, even becoming a game! I kept concepting this idea until I had chance to work on this prototype in 2013 with the support from some programmer friends in CMU.
4: What development tools did you use?
I am using Unity, and I also use 2D & 3D digital art softwares to create art assets.
5: What were the significant changes between the presented games and games you developed before?
The biggest difference is less bugs. Second is the projection technique is better than before. It is close to the final result that I want, but still working on it. Each game have three core elements, and currently I am working on the second element and looking for the third element in the later prototype, while making other puzzle levels. I probably will work on the story and art direction in the future.
6: What is your goal as a game developer?
Earning money by selling my games. Just kidding! This is not the short term goal but could be tricky in the future. I want to be a great game designer who makes games that others would love to play also games can inspire other game developer. If I have kids I probably will let them play my games first. Just like Stone Librande, he makes board games for his boys every year.
7: Please write a message to future SOWN attendees regarding your expectation and feeling about being selected to be a finalist.
This is the first time I present this game to public, and I am more than excited and overwhelmed by having this opportunity to present the project in TGS. Be confident and stay hungry. Don’t stop trying anything new, because you will be inspired by that. The last but most important, don't stop making games and good luck!

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