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Sense of Wonder Night 2015

Word from SOWN Presenters

Museum of Simulation Technology
by Albert Shih|2013 Audience Award, Best Technological Game Award

I came up with the concept when I was trying to sleep. I was trying to come up with an idea that I could implement in 2 weeks and still be interesting. Since I couldn't do art, I knew the game would probably involve objects as simple as a white cube.

by Eddie Lee|2013 Best Arts Award

The game "Kyoto" was a homage to the beautiful city that I've lived in. When I first moved there, I was so in awe of the beauty and majesty of the city that I wanted to pay homage to it in the only way I knew how -- which was to make a interactive game experience out of it!

by Marc ten Bosch|2014 Best Experimental Game Award

I had the idea for a hyper-dimensional game in college, maybe around 2005? When you program a 3D game, every object’s position is represented using three numbers (usually called x, y and z), but that concept easily generalizes.

by Mario von Rickenbach|2013 Best Experimental Game Awards

Mirage was first of all an experiment with the goal to create an interesting character. From that starting point I started developing the world and the visual style around it.

by Robby Zinchak|2014 Best Technological Game Award

Ultima Online was the first MMO I played when I grew up. It was very impressive to see so many players all across the world play the same game! I wanted to be able to build the world together with my friends. I began building early builds of a game that allowed multiple people to build in the world together. It was very basic, but even early on it was fun to build together.

by TECO|2014 Best Presentation Award

I frequently played video games with my friends and family. In that setting, the question that was always in the back of my mind was whether there was a game that more people could enjoy playing together.

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