・What kind of event is it?

TOKYO GAME SHOW (TGS) was held for the first time in 1996 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, making it one of the largest game events in the world.
This event has been held every September at Makuhari Messe and attracted more than 250,000 visitors in four days.
Last year, it was held online for the first time due to Covid-19 pandemic, but the total number of views of the distributed programs (51 programs in total) exceeded 31.6 million times viewership.
This year's "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE (TGS2021 ONLINE)" will basically be held online, but the event will prepare an offline venue (@Makuhari Messe) for Trial/Exhibition Area that invites press and influencers ONLY. TGS2021 ONLINE will be exhibiting new games, etc. from both online and offline.
TGS2021 features following projects.
●Distribution of new game titles and game-related products and services information
●Official Exhibitors and Organizer's Program on TGS Official Channels through YouTube and other streaming platforms
●Merchandising at Special Venue(Special Venue at
●Free Online Trial Play
●ONLINE Experience Tour(Fee-charged)
●TGS Fashion Collaborations
[BtoB (ONLY for TGS2021 Exhibitors and Fee-charged Visitors)]
●Online Business Matching
●Business Seminar「TGS Forum」

About the Event Period


TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE will be holding from September 30 (Thursday) through October 3(Sunday), 2021.
TGS2021 Official Website will be open on September 1 (Wednesday) and will be updated information on exhibited products and services sequentially for the exhibition period.

Free trial version is available for some exhibiting titles, so you can download it for free from the online store linked from the official website.
During the four-day period from September 30th (Thursday), online visitors can enjoy official programs, business seminars (fee-charged to target audiences), and online experience tours (fee-charged) that show online visitors the atmosphere of the Makuhari venue.

・Please tell about holding time of TGS2021 ONLINE.

TGS2021 ONLINE will be updated from time to time before the exhibition period on exhibitor's information.
During the event period from September 30( Wednesday) to October 3 (Sunday), TGS Official Programs that can be watched for free will start at 9:00 and will be delivered all day until around 24:00. In addition, TGS Business Matching System that exhibitors and people involved in the game business can participate in (fee-charged for trade visitors) can be set up at any time that is convenient for both parties. Please check the "Timetable" for the times of TGS Official Programs and business seminars that will be delivered from September 30 (Thursday) to October 3(Sunday).

・Tell us about the browsing environment of TGS2021 ONLINE.

Online visitors can view TGS2021 official website on a browser based on PC, smartphone, or tablet.
TGS Official Programs can be viewed on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Nico Nico, Twitch and Facebook.
For your comfortable viewing environment, please note that the site may not be displayed correctly if you are using from an environment other than the recommended environment.
PC:Chrome、Edge、Firefox、Safari with latest versions
Smartphone:Standard web browsers on Android/iOS smartphones
※Please contact the distributor of each browser for how to check and update the browser version.

* PC: Google Chrome, latest version of Microsoft Edge
〇 For smartphone users: Android/iOS smartphone standard browser
*Please contact the distributor of each browser for how to check and update the browser version.

How to watch the official program

Does it cost the fee to watch TGS Official Programs?

All TGS Official Programs are free to watch.
TGS Business Seminar "TGS Forum" can only be viewed by those who can login to the TGS Business Matching System (online business meeting system) (Fee-charged to non-exhibitors).

・How to watch official programs

Official programs include "Official Exhibitor Program," where TGS2021 ONLINE exhibitors send out the latest information, as well as keynote speeches by the organizer, e-Sports competitions,and "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT(SOWN)", a presentation event for indie developers, and Japan Game Awards.announcement and award ceremonies.

・What kind of official programs are there?

For the list of TGS2021 ONLINE programs, you can also check it on the TGS2021 ONLINE "Timetable" and the timetable inside the Amazon Japan's Special Site.

・Please tell me how to watch the official streaming program.

The video platforms that can watch TGS2021 ONLINE Official Programs are YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, niconico, TikTok Live, Douyu (China), Bilibili (China), Douyin (China), HUYA (China) and Special Venue, Steam Special Site. Enjoy TGS programs on your favorite platform. However, some programs may not be available on some platforms.However, depending on the program, there are some platforms that cannot be viewed due to copyright issues.

TGS2021 ONLINE will also deliver an English simultaneous interpretation version to ALL TGS Official Programs. Simultaneous interpretation versions in Chinese and Korean will also be distributed for some programs.
If you have any problems with viewing, please check the troubleshooting of each platform.

Some programs will also be available in English and Chinese. If you have any problems viewing, please check the troubleshooting for each platform.

・Can I watch the official program after the delivery time? How long can I watch? Can you see it again and again?

Most programs will be archived on the TGS official channel of each platform even after distribution. You can view it as many times as you like for free. However, please note that some programs may have a limited archive period.

・I live in overseas, can I watch in the same environment as Japan?

Programs that cannot be viewed or video distribution platforms in some countries that cannot be used due to rights issues.

・Do I need to pre-register or log in to watch official programs? Is there fee-charged?

No pre-registration or login required. Viewing the site and watching programs is free.
Login is required to view Business Seminar "TGS Forum" (fee-charged for non-exhibitors).

・I have a program with my favorite voice actor, so I want to make gifting money. Is it possible? Is there a charge?

TGS2021 ONLINE does NOT provide any online gifting function.

About TGS2021 ONLINE Exhibitor

・I would like to know what companies are exhibiting.

You can check the latest list of exhibitors from "Exhibitors" on this site.

・I would like to know the information of TGS2021 ONLINE exhibitors and the contents of the distributed programs.

You can see the information of each exhibitor by selecting the exhibitor you are interested in on the page transitioned from "Exhibitors List" on this site.

・I would like to know the information of the exhibitors and the contents of the distributed programs.

If you wish to contact exhibitors for business purposes, please use TGS Business Matching System. Non-exhibitors can also participate with fee-charged. (see "About Business Matching System" below).

Exhibiting Products

What are the exhibiting products?

The exhibiting products (game software, game-related equipment, services, etc.) that the exhibitors are disseminating information on TGS2021 ONLINE are listed together as an "Exhibited Product List". With game software, you can search by game genre (RPG, action, etc.), game platform (PS, Xbox, Switch, etc.), product name, etc.

What kind of information are enlisting on the exhibiting products?

In addition to the thumbnail image of the exhibited product and the product name, in addition to the link collection of the exhibitor's homepage for promoting the product, the official website of the product, etc., (In case if you are participating the "Free Trial Play" project, you can move into "Free Trial Play" project page.

Free Online Trial Play

What is "Free Online Trial Play"?

"Free Online Trial Play" is the organizer's project for online visitors to play the "Trial Version" at the online stores of various game platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Google Play without payment. All the online visitors can enjoy on TGS2021 ONLINE "Free Online Trial Play" .
On TGS official website, the information on the trial version published in each online store is summarized and linked at designated page. Online visitors can play the trial version by moving to the page of each title and downloading it.
Please follow the rules of each platform for downloading and playing the game.

When can I play the online trial version?

Free Online Trial Play will launch on September 1 (Wednesday). The timing when the trial version is released may differ depending on the title, check the contents described on the download page of each game title.

How can I play the trial version?

Most of the games that can be played in the "Free Online Trial Play" are of the type downloaded from each online store, but some titles can be played on a web browser.

What are the supported platforms?

The game platforms listed are PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam, Google Play, browser, etc.

Licensing Goods and Merchandising Sales

・Do you sell goods that are unique to TGS2021 ONLINE?

Exhibitors in the "Merchandising Sales" category of TGS2021 ONLINE sell a wide variety of goods. You can check the exhibitors who sell products by searching for "Products" in "Exhibitors" on this site. You may also purchase part of exhibitors' goods at Amazon Japan's TGS special site. There are no official goods for TGS2021 ONLINE.

Trial Play/Exhibition Area for Press and Influencer

Isn't the area open to the public?

TGS2021 "Trial Play/Exhibition Area" is intended to invite press and influencers ONLY to prevent Covid-19 infection. General public is NOT allowed to enter. Enjoy with online contents.

How do I know which companies are exhibiting at the exhibition hall?

Select "Exhibition"-> "Makuhari Venue" in the menu, you can see the venue map and the list of exhibitors at the Makuhari venue.

Can I see the exhibition hall?

If you join the TGS "Online Experience Tour" (fee-charged) in collaboration with HIS, you can virtually visit at several booths in the venue with a tour guide. In addition, you can see the atmosphere of the venue through the accounts and channels of influencers who visited the venue.