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Press Entry & Registration Criteria

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 under the concept of “We’ll always have games”, will be held over four days from Thursday, September 30 to Sunday, October 3, 2021, at Makuhari Messe. All members of the press are cordially invited to cover this event where a wide variety of the very latest information on computer entertainment will be showcased.

Press media and influencers are required to make reservations in advance for the interviews and test-playing at the exhibition to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The invitation e-mail for making reservations for interviews and test-playing will be sent after completing the press registration form.

In addition, "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE" will introduce the "Exhibitor Booth Appointment System" so that press and influencer can efficiently cover and play at the venue, and from the viewpoint of measures to prevent Covid-19 infections. The system is a system that allows the press and influencers who come to the exhibition to reserve the time for coverage and trial play at the exhibitor booth in advance.

Invitations for the "Exhibitor Booth Appointment System" will be sent to those who have completed the pre-registration for coverage by email.

Members of the media wishing to cover the event are required to register in advance. Please thoroughly read the information on this page, and fill in and return the Press Registration Form attached to TOKYO GAME SHOW Management Office Press Room via fax or e-mail no later than Wednesday, September 29.

Those who have registered will receive an invitation e-mail for “Exhibitor Booth Appointment System” which will be making reservations in advance for press coverage and playtesting at exhibitors' booths (scheduled after September 1).

[Registration Criteria]

Please note that your registration will be screened by the organizers to confirm that you fulfill our Media Criteria listed below. Press Registration will only be accepted for those who qualify.

(1) An editor, journalist or photographer employed by a newspaper publisher or a publishing company that publishes and distributes a periodical publication approved as third-class mail.
(2) An editor, journalist or photographer employed by a production company producing online news or operating an online information website set up by a corporate body.
(3) A reporter or ENG crew member of a television program production company for a satellite and cable television channel.
(4) A reporter or staff member of a radio program production company.
(5) A writer or photographer intends to write about/edit material about/shoot the Show by one of the entities (or its editorial department) listed above.
(6) Models or cast involved in the reporting, or the production of programs produced by one of the entities listed above.
※The people in following criteria are NOT eligible:
Individual bloggers; employees of advertising/PR agencies; those responsible for advertising and sales at newspaper companies/ publishers/ television stations/ radio stations (including those working for the exhibitors); and employees of research companies and securities company analysts.
※Please be advised that If TGS Management office judges that you do not fulfil our Media Criteria, we may have to decline your registration.

[Please be sure to check]

@ Taking photos and videos in the venue is allowed. However, if someone is identified in the photo or video, please make sure to ask his/her permission or process the image so that he/she cannot be identified. Since there will be many influencers who do not wish to show their faces, we would appreciate your cooperation.

In addition, please follow the rules and regulations of the exhibitors' booths when covering, filming, or distributing.

@ We need your cooperation in preventing the spread of the Covid-19.

When entering the venue, you will be asked to do temperature check and wear a mask. Please be sure to wear a mask while in the venue. If you are not feeling well, please refrain from entering the venue.

@ You are required to install the contact-confirmation application (COCOA) or other similar applications.

@ Any persons found causing trouble or disturbances will be asked to leave the venue. Exhibitor may check the contents of the photos and videos you have taken. If there is any problem with the content, exhibitor will disqualify your publication.

@ Please refrain from sharing the URL of this form with anyone other than those related to your company.

Please confirm and agree to the above information and fill in the registration form.

For more information or inquiries on this press release for the members of the media:
TOKYO GAME SHOW Management Office Press Room

Download for Logo Data, Photos

TGS Management Office Press Room will provide press registrants with login information for the "Download Center" where they can download photos and logo data.