9/15 [Thu]


TGS2022 keynote「Nothing Stops Gaming」

The "metaverse" has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years. How will its widespread use change the computer entertainment industry? Leading experts in various fields will discuss their visions for the world of the metaverse, which is expected to undergo major changes in the future.

  • Naoto KATO


    President and CEO

    Majored cosmology and quantum computer at the Kyoto University faculty of science. After leaving graduate school, He founded “Cruster” in 2015, a startup company that fully utilizes VR technology leading to the release of “cluster”, an VR platform that is capable to support large scale virtual events in 2017. Recently it has evolved to a metaverse platform that are capable of not only event but also to meet up with friends via avatar and to upload a online game and play and such.

  • Ari Staiman

    Roblox China


    Ari is the President of Roblox China, overseeing Roblox's operations in China. He recently moved to Japan to help Roblox’s efforts in Japan. Ari has spent over 15 years working/living in Japan, including at Sega, as their General Counsel. Ari brought the global e-commerce/technology company, Borderfree NASDAQ (BRDR), through their IPO, and eventual sale, serving as their General Counsel, and also heading the business operations (as General Manager) of their Irish and Chinese branches (spending years in Ireland and China along the way)

  • Koji Fujiwara

    Bandai Namco Group

    Chief GUNDAM Officer

    Joined Bandai Co., Ltd. in 1998. After being in charge of the Mobile Suit GUNDAM plastic model brand, “GUNPLA,” he was appointed Chief GUNDAM Officer in 2019, overseeing the GUNDAM business. From 2021, he is appointed Corporate Managing Director of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and launched the Bandai Namco Group-wide "GUNDAM Project.”

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    Katsuhiko HAYASHI

    Famitsu Group Representative

    KADOKAWA Game Linkage

    After working as the editor-in-chief of "Weekly Famitsu", became Famitsu Group Representative from April 2020. In the ever-evolving gaming industry, he aims to create time-leading services and content.

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