Business Day

Business Days on September 15 (Thu.) and 16 (Fri.) are open only to those in the game and game-related business.
Pre-registration is required to attend. Please read the "Notes on Registration" below before pre-registering.

To visitors coming to the Business Days from overseas

Please contact theTGS Entry Japan Support Officefor information on entering Japan.

Business Day Pre-Registration

If you have a "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket" distributed by exhibitors to those in the game business, please pre-register for free before coming to the show.

If you do not have a Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket, please pre-register for a fee of 11,000 yen (tax included).

A limited number of "Business Day GOLD Pass" are also available (on a first-come, first-served basis), which allows visitors to conduct business meetings with other visitors using the TGS Business Matching System. Those who apply for the "Business Day GOLD Pass" will be able to use the "Business Lounge," a convenient meeting area for business meetings.

  • 1.Pre-registration for "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket" holders <Free of Charge>

    "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket" is a special pre-registration ticket for the Business Day distributed by exhibitors to related parties. Exhibitors with "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket" are requested to pre-register (free of charge) before coming to the exhibition.

2.Paid Advance Registration <Paid: 11,000 yen (tax included)>

If you don’t have “Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket” , you have to go through the paid registration.

3.[Limited Offer] Business Day GOLD Pass

<Business Day GOLD Pass: 17,500 yen (tax included) for those who have a Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket>

<Business Day GOLD Pass: "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket Holders: 27,500 yen (tax included)>

What is the "Business Day GOLD Pass"?

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 offers the Business Day GOLD Pass, a pass for Business Day visitors that facilitates smooth business meetings and networking.

GOLD Pass is a premium pass that allows visitors to use the Business Lounge during TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 Business Days (September 15 and 16), as well as exhibitors, to reserve and use the lounge for business meetings, and to reserve business meetings with other visitors using the full functionality of TGS Business Matching System.

Please note that in order to increase opportunities for business discussions, the names of companies and organizations that have applied for the Business Day GOLD Pass may be displayed on TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 official website and on venue signage.

Business Day GOLD Pass Benefits

1. Access to TOKYO GAME SHOW "Business Lounge" (Location: International Conference Room, Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall 2F)

2. Business meetings can be reserved in the Business Lounge using the TGS Business Matching System.

3. Visitors can make reservations for business meetings using the full functionality of the TGS Business Matching System.

4.Interpretation service (Japanese and English) available in the Business Lounge.

5. Free participation in TOKYO GAME SHOW "Indie Game Party" Online (September 15, 2022 [Thursday] 18:00-)

6. "Business Day GOLD Pass," you will be issued a pass at the dedicated counter (in front of the Exhibition Hall 3 on the 2nd floor of the International Conference Center), allowing you with fast track to enter the venue without waiting for a long time.

Notes on Registration

・Persons not related to the game business (employees of game-related companies, game-related workers, distributors, etc.), persons under 18 years of age, and students are NOT allowed to enter the venue.

・Please enter your company name, address, and other information to prove that you are a member of the game industry when applying.

・Based on the information provided at the time of application, a screening will be conducted to ensure admission to the Business Day.

Please note that you may not be admitted to the Business Day due to the preliminary screening.

・When pre-registering for the Business Day, please register one person at a time using the e-mail address of the person who will attend the event.

Group registrations will NOT be accepted.

・Each registration is valid for one person ONLY.

・Business Day visitor badge is valid for the two days of Business Days <Thursday, September 15 and Friday, September 16>.

・Public Day tickets (advance tickets: 2,500 yen (tax included)) are not valid for Business Day admission.

・Advance registration will be accepted until 23:59 on September 5(Mon.)[JST]. Advance registration (free of charge) using the "Business Day Advance Registration Ticket" will be accepted until 23:59 on September 14(Wed.)[JST].

・Payment for the paid pre-registration fee and the Business Day GOLD Pass can only be made by credit card. Cancellation after payment cannot be accepted.

1. Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket Holders

Pre-Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 14, 23:59

2. For those who do NOT have a Business Day Pre-registration Ticket

Pre-Registration Deadline: September 5 (Mon.) 23:59 [JST]

11,000 yen (tax included)

3. Business Day GOLD Pass

For Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket Holders

Pre-registration Deadline: September 14 (Wed.) 23:59 [JST]

17,500 yen (tax included)

For those who do NOT have a Business Day Pre-registration Ticket

Pre-registration Deadline: September 5 (Thu.) 23:59 [JST]

27,500 yen (tax included)

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