TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 offers Online Experience Tour in English of the major booths from Makuhari Messe for game fans from around the world who are unable to visit the event from overseas.

During the tour program, bilingual reporters who speak both English and Japanese will visit exhibitor booths, report on the exhibits, and communicate with booth personnel while actually trying out the games.

In addition, V-Tuber will explain the highlights and points of interest at each booth and convey the excitement of the real venue. Check it out!

Details of the online experience tour are as follows

◆Date and Time (tentative): Sunday, September 18, 10:00-11:50

◆Distribution Channel: TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022, Official Program Channel

【Tour contents (tentative)】

Tour guide by V-Tubers Introduction of booth exhibits by reporters

Trial games by reporters Interviews with exhibitors by reporters

  • V-tubers (drivers) and main MC

    Rosemi Lovelock

  • Bilingual


    on-site reporter

    Twitch Streamer


  • Bilingual


    on-site reporter

    Game Loving Cosplayer

    Yuriko Tiger

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