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Screening Committe *Alphabetical Order

Entries will be fairly screened by the Screening Committee.

GMO Internet
Michimoto Tadakuma
GMO Social Apps Initiative Producer
Producer, GMO Social Apps Division. Mr. Tadakuma joined GMO Internet in 2004. After sales manager for internet advertising, he was assigned to ”APPLI YAROUZE! project"(joint game development program with GMO), as a social game development consultant. He performed many great feats,so he was promoted to the producer of ”GMO Social Apps Division" In 2011
Shinpei Yashima
Group Leader/Contents Director
Global Developer Relations Creative & Consulting Group
Marketing&Developer Relations Department
IGDA Japan
Kiyoshi Shin
Vice Coordinator
Born in 1970, Hiroshima, Japan. Graduated from the Keio University Business and Commerce Faculty and Faculty of Environmental Information. He is Journalist (Video Game / IT). He has weekly column “Kiyoshi Shin’s Analyze Game Industry” in for 6 years and many articles ( etc). And he is the vice coordinator and the founder of the Japan chapter of International Game Developers Association. He is also the lecturer at Ritsumeikan University College of Image Arts and Science.
Joju Games
Juan Gril
Studio Manager
Juan heads the production at Joju Games. Joju produces online, social and multiplayer games for clients such as Atari, MTV Networks, and Disney. Juan has more than 13 years of experience developing online games. Previously, and as one of the first members of the Yahoo! Games team, Juan was the lead producer for the downloadable games area and community manager of multi player games. In the last year of his tenure at Yahoo!, Juan was the head of Yahoo! Games Studios.
Juan is a frequent speaker at industry events. He is the Director of the Innovation Showcase at Casual Connect, an editor of the IGDA Casual Games White Paper, and an Advisor of the Social Games Summit at the Games Developers Conference. Juan holds a BFA in Electronic Media from the University of Illinois.
Microsoft Japan
Akihiro Tashiro
Group Senior Manager Developer Network Group Interactive Entertainment Business
Mr. Tashiro joined Microsoft in 1997. He offered technial suppport for developers of Xbox 360, Windows, and Windows Phone in Developer Network Group. His coverage areas extends into an investigation of problems and suggestions of solution, and improvement of the performance for Microsoft game platform. Mr. Tashiro is currently the manager of technical section for entertainment fields.
Kazuaki Baba
Executive Officer and Senior Manager
Game Business Division
Smartphone Game Production Department
Mr. Baba joined NHN Japan in 2004 as game server programmer. Since he was responsible for Game Development Division and Game Business Division at the company, Mr. Baba is currently assigned as Executive Officer and Senior Manager for Smartphone Game Production Department. He has developed expertise planning and directing in game development.
UBM TechWeb Game Network
(GDC events, Independent Games Festival, Indie Royale.)

Simon Carless
Simon is the EVP of UBM TechWeb’s Game Network, meaning that he manages products such as Game Developers Conference - both the San Francisco mothership and satellite shows in Austin, Germany, China and Canada. He also oversees the double Webby award-winning Gamasutra website and the Maggie award-winning Game Developer magazine, as well as prominent sister sites such as Carless is also Chairman Emeritus of the yearly ‘Sundance Festival for games’, the Independent Games Festival, which holds its awards at Game Developers Conference yearly, helping to program the Independent Games Summit and several other summits at the San Francisco show and other shows such as GDC China (IGF China) and GDC Europe (Independent Games Summit). He's also been involved in founding and helping to operate prominent 'indie bundle' website in recent months.
UBM TechWeb Game Network
(Game Developer magazine)

Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller joined Game Developer magazine as its new editor in early 2012. Prior joining Game Developer, he oversaw games and tech how-to coverage for PCWorld magazine, and freelanced for multiple consumer games publications.


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