• TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016 has closed.

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  • 2016/09/18 NEW!! [PRESS RELEASE]
    TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016 Aftermath Report!
    A record high of 271,224 visitors!
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  • 2016/09/15 [PRESS RELEASE]
    Featuring a record 614 companies and organizations from 37 countries and regions!
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  • 2016/09/14 [PRESS RELEASE]
    Revealing the Floor Map, Event Stage and Program, as well as Information on the Distribution of Numbered Tickets
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  • 2016/09/12 NEW!! [PRESS RELEASE]
    Four international projects in TGS 2016 “Indie Game Area” “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2016” “Three New Stars Area” “International Party + Indie Night”
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  • 2016/09/09 [PRESS RELEASE]
    TGS Forum 2016 Keynote Speech / 20th Anniversary Commemorative Speech Event Outline Decided!
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  • 2016/09/06 [PRESS RELEASE]
    e-Sports Stage Event Outline Decided!Two Stages for Public Days (9/17 - 9/18)!
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  • 2016/08/19 [PRESS RELEASE]
    TGS Forum 2016 / Global Game Business Summit 2016 Session Program Outline Determined! Business Day Registration Begins. New "Business Day Gold Pass" Available.
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  • 2016/07/22
    [Advance registration for TGS 2016 Business Days] is now available online.
  • 2016/07/08
    TGS2016 Official Site Opened.
  • 2016/07/01 [PRESS RELEASE]
    Already 301 Exhibitors as of July 1/Most Exhibitors in TGS History is Expected!
    Public Day Tickets and TGS Supporters Club Tickets will go on sale on July 10.
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